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Thread: 2009 pre-amp vs the pre 90s preamp. Any difference?

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    2009 pre-amp vs the pre 90s preamp. Any difference?

    So I ended up buying a Sabre classic after putting a bunch of pre-eb electronics in the 84 Sabre I bought that someone had unfortunately gutted. I figured if any components ever failed I have a second Sabre! However, I was wondering if the classic pre-amp(crescent moon circuit board) sounds the same as the pre 90s ones. I did end up buying two 80s musicman pre-amps and I could throw it in there if there’s a difference but I’d imagine all the components are the same right? And that they should sound identical and stuff! Really excited about both basses!

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    The 2EQ preamp circuit itself is the same as from the Pre-EB period up to current day Ernie Ball. Only the circuit boards they are assembled on can change in design. A 2EQ preamp assembled on a circuit board shaped like a crescent moon will sound the same as a 2EQ preamp assembled on the earlier rectangular circuit board.

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