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Thread: Ok, I put it on for a lower price...

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    Unhappy Ok, I put it on for a lower price...

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    A great bass for a great price. But the photos are too dark. Take it outside where the color can shine. As long as no one has placed a bid, you can change the photos.

    2005 SR5 HS Ltd. Ed. Buttercream/Rosewood

    Thunderfunk TFB550
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    Yep, Photos arent too good.
    Im looking for spare bass for gigs and this could be nice.
    If I only had any money. Ok, I should also live in US
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    I just saw this one on ebay, and it has my interest. I wonder how much it costs to send it to Belgium. I'll check it out, and if the price is ok, I might buy it

    edit: didn't see it was US only
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