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Thread: What do you think of OLP?

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    Whew, time machine!

    Try Sterling by Music Man. Much better guitars.

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    I gotta tell you guys, I think this guitar is really cool. Sure it's the Epiphone/Squire of the EVH Signature or the EBall-MMAN AXIS, which I own both, but there's something about this cheap little guitar that's really cool. A few things. One, the neck is a lot thinner and skinnier than the Axis, and it almost feels like a Gibson SG. The sound is good if you have a good speaker, and it has a terrific feel. The neck fretboard i really like. It's glossed over like a Squire Strat, and I don't mind that because it's cozy playing on it. Anyhow, I bought one off Ebay and really enjoy the feel of the neck, and actually practice on it more than my Axis (my EVH is in the case most of the time, sleeping). So I have to say YEAH on this... Little Guitar.

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    The funny thing is, it seems that more people are aware of the OLP than they are of the real thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by capitas View Post
    The funny thing is, it seems that more people are aware of the OLP than they are of the real thing.
    There always seems to be some sort of struggle or elitism that co-insides with a less expensive option of ANYTHING.
    It's no different with Guitars or Pedals.

    The concept behind these options is purely to provide an introduction to a product line that would otherwise be unattainable at that point.
    The counter point by many is to just save up for "the real thing"

    But for myself as a young budding musician I struggled to find a guitar that fit my hands and my needs. I found an OLP MM1F in tobacco sunburst on eBay for a couple of hundreds of dollars. I was lucky enough to buy it and enjoy it. My playing improved because i was comfortable behind that particular instrument. As my abilities increased i would make some changes here and there with pickups and improved electronics. Overall the base instrument was "good".
    Fast forward 6-7 years I'm now out of school and have a fulltime job that is paying handsomely. I wanted a High End guitar that would stay with me forever and pass along to my children someday. My first go to was a P/S guitar and was almost ready to jump into that pond; however, i didn't know if i would like it and it would be comfortable to me. My OLP was a far cry from an EBMM but i knew what it felt like and if the "Real Thing" was better then thats where i need to go. So i did... I'm thankful for that transitional guitar that got me to EBMM. I love the guitars. I play them nearly exclusively and have had many bucketlist items checked off the list because of EBMM.

    So are they "BAD" no... they are what they are
    Sterling by MusicMan is the next iteration and are far superior to the days of OLP and can't say enough about the guys that run that show.
    Enjoy the Journey - Enjoy the Process
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