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Thread: What do you think of OLP?

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    Question What do you think of OLP?

    For the money, I think they are a decent value. But every one I've looked at needed to be set up. The neck isn't offensive but it is remarkably different than an EBMM.

    I get a kick out of the people who say it's exactly like the Axis or EVH. It looks the same but just isn't.

    What's your opinion?

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    Thumbs down OLP, bad idea.

    I tried one, and didn't like it. Seemed cheap. I especially don't like the attitude of 'it's exactly the same as an axis'. It's not even remotely the same in terms of sound or quality. I think Ernie Ball has dropped the 'Ball' in this case, and made a bad decision licensing thier designs to this company. They're just cheapening thier own guitars by allowing lookalikes to get out there everywhere. Although it is nice when someone comes up to me and says oh wow, you got one of those OLP guitars... and I'm like nope, it's an Ernie Ball. The funny thing is, it seems that more people are aware of the OLP than they are of the real thing.

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    I have a OLP catalog and it says that OLP guitars are forthose player who want to enjoy the look unitl the ready to step up to the real thing later. Maybe not in those exact word, but essentially the same meaning. I don't see any harm. The OLP's are poplular from the mass merchant stores like Guitar Center and Musicians Friend. My 2 cents worth

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    I actually reccomend them to my starting students, because for the price they are pretty good. Any time you are spending that ammount of money, you are not going to get your dream guitar, but I think that it is way better than a Bullet or any number of cheap guitars out there. But that is just my two cents...
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    They look the same but offcourse the quality is nearly the original MM Axis.The neck looks like it is made out of Home depot wood.
    I wish Ernie Ball never allowed OLP to make these guitars.This takes away the whole exclusiveness of the MM guitars.It is what a lot of brands do noways.Fender with their cheap Mexican guitars etc.etc.
    Still I would have never expected Ernie Ball to do this.They seemed to be very strict about the concept of the Axis guitar.

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    I don't hold this against Ernie Ball. After all, it states right on the back of the headstock that the instrument is "lisenced undre Ernie Ball" which lets you know that it's not an actual Ernie Ball.
    Also, the front of the headstock does not make any reference to Ernie Ball or Axis, just OLP. I believe all of these things are good, and by design.
    It's not like Peavey, where they make a cheap knockoff of the Wolfgang, and pass it off as a real Wolfgang so that uneducated buyers think they are buying the real thing.
    If EBMM gets a little money on the side by letting a company make an officially lisenced copy of their guitar, and it's easy to tell the difference, I've got no problem with that.

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    I've played a couple of what you call the "cheap knock off of the Wolfgang" and it is a decent guitar. It's far superior to the OLP. I see your point about an uninformed buyer thinking it might be a real Wolfgang. There is a sticker on the back that says "made in Korea" so someone would have to be remarkably uninformed but I'm sure it could happen.

    That guitar however is a PV product. They didn't license it, it's just made over seas. It has to say "PV Wolfgang" on it because that's what it is. It's the Korean made version of the Wolfgang. The American Wolfgangs are still in production and if somebody chooses, they can spend the extra money for the American Wolves. They are superior guitars.

    People can be as stupid as they choose to be. They can think a Korean Wolf is identical to the American Wolves if they want to just as some people think the OLP's are identical to the Axis. Neither Music Man or PV can take responsibility for how uninformed the general public chooses to be.

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    Well,I remember Hamer doin' th' same thing and it wound up hurt'n the parent company reputation in the long run.I used to use Hamer,-USED TO.

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    You know, for someone on a tight budget, or a scenario where little Jimmy is getting his first "real" axe, the OLP isn't too bad of a deal. Sure they may need a set up off the rack, but that's a matter of personal taste, etc. My EVH needed a little adjustment at first, and my Axis was great right off the shelf (it may have been tinkered beforehand, but she feels great), but some could see otherwise if they picked up one of my axes. To each their own, I always say.

    However, if you've dropped some serious coin on your gear, i.e. the $3K that I have between the two, or pretty much anyone on this board, then pick up one of these, let's just say:

    OLP = O verall L ess P ersonality


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    Hey...It's UGO ...the # one EBMM fan.

    I believe that the OLP line cheapens teh essence and overall view of the Music Man.

    It's sad to see such great guitar designs avaiable as something besides what they were originaly intended for. It makes me sick to walk into a music store and see the OLP's standing tall next to original EBMM's. It just doesn't do anything for the brand except give it a more mass-produced feel.

    BUT....the only way I can see the OLP's positive aspect would be to agnolage the fact that it's better to mass produce OLP's and not MUSIC MANS!! I'd rathe see the price of EBMM guitars go up as well as quality go up. I am worried that they will loose track of the beauty and craftsmenship in order to make way for a greater amount of guitars produced daily......PLEASE DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN.

    EBMM Guitars are pehaps the best to have come along since FENDER and GIBSON....I believe the Signature line is the best in the biz. They sign guitar players that have payed their dues.....Each instrument is totally different. There is a great spectrum to choose from....The AXIS and Silhouette are great as well. The AXIS (eVH) will go down in history as the first guitar to stand apart from the strat, tele and les paul....IT is actually the 4h major design in guitar history....When we look back to 1991 when the first EVH model was spawned a charge of guitars that tried to copy it's design and sound....All of a sudden there were hundereds of KNock-offs on the shape as well as an onslaught of MAple topped guitars from every manufacturer out there..........

    Enie Ball....if your listening....and I know you are.....KEEP the QUALITY HIGH!!!! KEEP THE WOOD CONSISTANT!!!! KEEP THE HANDS ON THE INSRUMENTS.....

    You are and always will be the best guitar makers out there.......
    REMEMBER THE ESSENCE...remember the truth....focus and build..............with heart and technique.......stay strong.....stay in-line......stay away from the OLP's on the rack!!!!!

    OLP stands for---- "OLD LUMP of PISS

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    I have an OLP. I also have a EBMM and a Petrucci. Some people ask me why do I have an OLP and I tell them, " because my job takes me on the road and I have to stay in hotels, why would I bring my best guitar, when I can bring a cheap one to keep practicing and won't cry if it gets stolen or broken." They (OLP) are definitely not EBMM's, but decent enough for me to take on the road to keep up with the practice.
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    Originally posted by ebb soul
    Well,I remember Hamer doin' th' same thing and it wound up hurt'n the parent company reputation in the long run.I used to use Hamer,-USED TO.
    How so? Seems to me, it HELPED Hamer USA stay in business. They only make 13 guitars a week at the US plant, and you can pretty much count on every one of them being top quality guitars. You have a right to your opinion, but I have to ask: you stop playing Hamer USA guitars because they also sell import versions? What about Fender's Squire or Gibson's Epiphone lines? Do you avoid those brands too? I just don't see the logic.
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    I think for what they are the OLP's are great. I don't understand why some people thing EB is ruinning the essence of the originals with this though. I mean, the Axis/EVH copies are not exactly a new thing. I say right on to Ernie Ball for making a very decent guitar and selling it for way less than the already existing Axis copies. Is it the same as an Axis? No, of course not. Is it better than a lot of other Korean guitars that sell for more? Most definitely. I see it as win win. Beginners get hooked into the Ernie Ball thing with an OLP and as they mature as a player they'll want to move up to the real thing and then guys with the real thing can buy one for a travel guitar/ bathroom guitar or whatever .

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    Resurrecting a 5 year old thread, I think they are great and I have two of them:

    They are great guitars for the money, and I'm sad that their production recently ceased. However, I'm glad that I recently got mine. They may not be "just like an Axis", but they are pretty darn cool, regardless. They were the only Axis-style guitars authorized by EBMM and they will be missed by many. I suspect that 15 to 20 years from now people who dis them will be praising them, as is the case with '80s Squiers now.
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    I go along with the fact that as long as you realise that you are getting a budget guitar, they are very good value for the buck.
    Not everybody can afford a top notch guitar starting off and the OLP is a good first step.

    The neck is not like an EB neck far from it, but a little bit of TLC can get the neck feeling sooo
    much better.

    I only have experience of the Axix OLP - the pickups are fantastic and it looks so nice as well.

    I like 'em.

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