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Thread: ED ROMAN: Copy Petrucci JP6 - Infringement

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    Thumbs up ED ROMAN: Copy Petrucci JP6 - Infringement

    As you may know, Ed Roman has been advertising for sale on his website an unauthorized copy Petrucci guitar and left hand copy Petrucci bodies . Ed Roman aslo advertised repainted OLP guitars as EBMM axis guitars.

    Our opinion is that this was an infringment on the legal rights of Ernie Ball, Inc. and John Petrucci. We contacted Mr. Roman and a settlment has been reached:

    1. Ed Roman must remove from his website all references to any and all EBMM products and designs. Ed Roman also cannot say anything at all about Ernie Ball or Music Man, or EBMM guitars or basses on his website, or anywhere on the Internet , or by other public communication. [Ed Roman has already removed the link to the EBMM main page on his website and has taken out the negative references to EBMM on the OLP custom page.]

    2. Ed Roman cannot from make or sell any copy EBMM guitars, including copies of the John Petrucci Signature Model;

    3. Ed Roman cannot sell new EBMM guitars, and can only sell used trade-ins;

    4. Ed Roman must post an apology to EBMM and John Petrucci for making and advertising the copy Petrucci guitars and bodies.

    Another famous victory for the EBMM team. Thanks to Blackspy and others for pointing out these issues. We are on top of it and have been working on this problem, among other things.

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    Glad to hear it!!! Keep up the good work...

    You guys ROCK!!!

    It's about time someone took it to that smug bastard. It's a shame you couldn't ding him harder.

    Play Ball!!

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    Good guys win again!

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    Attaboy! Way to kick his fat ass.

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    Henry, Scott, BP and all at EBMM, congrat!!!!!

    Nice to hear things like this work out.

    Glenn |B)
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    lets keep this congratulatory and less about the guy in vegas

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    Good to see there is still some good sense left in the world after all !
    Good Job EBMM !
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    Wonderdog ROCKS!!! Swooped right in there, dropped a bomb on them and swooped right out -- all the while making us look good. Thank you!!!
    carpe diem

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    Where am I supposed to go if I want to pay $900 to upgrade a $200 OLP???

    Kudos on the victory.

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    There's no need to fear, Wonderdog is here!

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    Congrates Big Poppa and co.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Poppa
    lets keep this congratulatory and less about the guy in vegas
    Well then, Congratulations
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    Quote Originally Posted by hbucker
    Where am I supposed to go if I want to pay $900 to upgrade a $200 OLP???
    That you can still do...

    20th Silo, w/trem, Koa top
    JP6 in Graphite Pearl

    Cobalts Installed

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    Have you got G.A.S. for another EBMM???
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    Nice to see some justice. Congrats Wonderdog and Big Poppa and all at EBMM.
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