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Thread: SPAM: Ernie Ball Musicman Axis KILLER TOP!

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    SPAM: Ernie Ball Musicman Axis KILLER TOP!

    2001 EBMM Axis with a KILLER flametop. This guitar was professionally setup with 10's and plays amazing! The action is the lowest you could possibly get it without ANY buzzing. This guitar has some minor dings, but nothing major. The Birdseye Maple neck on this guitar is my favorite neck of all time. The bridge pup was swapped out for a Dimarzio Air Zone, which sounds 10x better than the stock pup IMO. I've also installed the EVH D-Tuna on it. The Schaller Floyd is top notch and this thing stays in tune for days! It's been my number guitar for the past 3 years (along w/ my old LP), and it pains me to sell it. The original case will be included (although it has the name "Ezzy" on it).

    $950 shipped CONUS

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    Nice top! What happened to the original 'bucker?
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    No kidding. There would be some folks here who would be happy to take it off your hands. That black bucker sure doesn't look as good as the zebra does.

    good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim O'Sullivan
    Nice top! What happened to the original 'bucker?
    Thanks! I sold the original HB on ebay a while back....

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