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Thread: Huh?

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    Well, at least it comes with free shipping!

    My favorite part is the caption on the very first review:

    "Don't be fooled by the cheap price"


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    May 18, 2006 - Great buy! Easily affordable
    May 14, 2006 - This guitar is way too expensive for what it can deliver

    I guess I'll agree with the last guy...

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    I see where the offer is discontinued after all the smartass comments.
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    I love the fact that so many wisecrackers took the time to write bogus reviews of that listing... hahaha!
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    Good thing is that it's "Guaranteed Lowest Price!". I had seen one on Ebay for $95,000 and thought it was a little high....
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    Should i trade house +$$$$ for that?

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    Yeah, get Jimmy Page to touch it then turn around and sell it for double on Ebay. ....or...

    I didn't know esteban secured a contract w/ Martin to build his balsa wood guitars. First Home Shopping Network, then MusiciansFriend, what's next for the masked marauder, conquering the world?????Stay tuned................
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    the review that starts with this

    Jun 9, 2006 - I recently bought this guitar again, because I foolishly pawned off the first to buy some smokin' heroin. I know I should have known better, but I figured drugs were what made Slash (from Guns n' Roses) such an influencial guitarist. Sadly, I was wrong....

    is even more huh!?!
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    The reviews are hysterical.
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    nice ... more a while there had marijunana on sale - pics and everything. LoL. i guess some employee really didnt give a F&^% and thought it was funny ... they were right

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    Lovin' the reviews! LOL!!

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    "Welcome to the addiction!" is now patented by Koogie2k......if used by anyone other than must mail him a US nickel for each time said/typed or signed.......


    "Do something nice for someone everyday. Don't let your head hit the pillow until you do something nice for someone each day." I hope I don't let him down.

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    IM confused.

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