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Thread: Rad Red Luke is in the house!

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    Rad Red Luke is in the house!

    Had my rad red Luke in the house for a week or so and have only now taken is simply amazing and I can't put it down! Very different from the Axis, giving a totally different range of tones which is what I was after. The neck feels great too!

    Rad red has to be the hardest colour to photo accurately but here's my attempts although in person is the only way to really appreciate the colour...the first time I opened the case I was under spotlights and the sparkles stood out like crazy but in darker lights it appears a very rich / bright red. Yum!

    BTW the hardtail axis is still for sale...PM me if interested.


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    Awesome axe! Feel free to also post your pics in the torture thread for Paul, he'd like that.
    Have you got G.A.S. for another EBMM???
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    Very nice Luke. Congrats.

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    Nice addition to the collection!!!!
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    Nice goin ! The LUKE is an amazing guitar. I just wish I could get those cool piezo saddles without having a piezo. Anyway, good choice and a cool color.
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    Very Very nice! I need a Bass first then the Luke!
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    Sweet-----I'm hopin for some nice birds eye on my neck as well------but if not ----i'll just have to order an AL and try again!!!!!!
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    Stunning! (but I believe i'm gonna say that every time that some one posts a pic of a Radiance red EBMM )
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    Amazingly rich red color.... funny, when put in between the two Axis I find myself more drawn to the simple elegance of the Luke ...

    (However, I also love those Birds-Eye fret-boards in contrast...)
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    Sweet guitar... that red is just SO RED!
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    that is hot!!!

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    I really really want one.
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