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Thread: "Official" pics-o-my-guitar Thread

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    Here is one of mine.

    I am selling this one, but I still have 2 others ...... I'll probably keep. It takes a while to find the really nice tops and neck combos........

    I love the tone of these things !!
    Yeah well....

    Waddaya gonna do... ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Junior
    That maybe the best lookin' birdseye I've ever seen
    yes, this birdseye is really nice!!!

    although take a look at this neck:

    91 EVH Trans Black Quilt Top
    ?? Axis EX Trans Red Quilt Top
    05 JP6 Mystic Dream
    09 JP6 Dargie Delight II
    10 JP6 Pearl Redburst Limited
    07 JP6 BFR Ruby Red Burst
    05 SM-Y2D Purple Sunset
    06 SM-Y2D Tobacco Burst
    10 SM-Y2D BFR Black Sugar
    12 SM-Y2D PDN Honey Roasted
    14 SM-Y2D Rosewood Neck Solar Flare
    OLP MM-5 Silhouette Bassguitar
    OLP MM-1
    SBMM JP70 Stealth Black
    SBMM JP70D Pearl White ltd.

    check out:

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    That's overkill, dude!

    (+ I don't see an EBMM headstock )

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    My JP7 in Lava Pearl, with its new chrome knobs:

    I love this guitar!

    Check out my review here.
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    here they of the tour !!!

    black sparkle single coils beast.

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    Tristan, those are not YOUR guitars hahaha

    I really dig the Axis SS and the white sparkle Pet, I can understand that you don't like it to return those tasty guitars back to the French importer..

    Anyway, the sun is shining here so I went out to take some pics of my beloved Luke..

    Yup, that's me
    2003 Luke Luke Blue signed twice by Lucious
    2007 Luke LE Blue Dawn signed by Lucious

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    My Axis

    Hey there. Here are some pics of my Axis Sport SSS. I have not seen another like this one. Kind of an axis silhouette.
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    Pics of my SM and Al...

    Picked up my first MM 3 months ago, a Steve Morse that I was blown away with..

    Liked it so much, just bought a AL today!

    Great stuff, wondered why I haven't been playing MusicMan stuff a long time ago...


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    my babies!

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    i dont have a picture of mine but i found a pic of it on the internet...i bought mine for a little under 700 dollars including a hard shell case...its is a 2001 edition pewter gibson sg...i have no idea what its worth anyone know???

    also im looking at buying a marshall avt275 anyone have any input thank you

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    Here's me on a gig using my Music Man JP

    MusicMan JP6 Sapphire Black--->
    JP6 Sapphire Black Signed

    MusicMan JP6 Pearl RedBurst--->
    JP6 Pearl Red Burst Signed

    work hard, play hard!!!

    A moment with John Petrucci...

    Mesa Boogie Mark IV Medium Head
    Mesa Lonestar 4x12
    Mesa Rectifier Slant 4x12
    Mesa Rectifier Slant 2x12 Vertical
    Effects Loop: Dunlop 535q Crybaby, Boss TU-2 Tuner, Boss CH1 Super Chorus or MXR Phase 90, Boss DD-20 Delay


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    This is me with my JP6 about 2 weeks ago....

    I love that guitar! I WANT MORE!!!

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    Here's my Luke, which I got a few months ago
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    BFR Luke - Blackburst

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