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Thread: "Official" pics-o-my-guitar Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweat View Post
    OK then it was mine. A little back history. This was a one off made when EBMM first started getting into roasted necks.

    I forget the year, 2010,2011 maybe, but it was brought to the Arlington Texas guitar show which is where I purchased it.

    Congrats on a very nice guitar
    Nice Keith and you sold it to Ernie?

    Quote Originally Posted by xjbebop View Post
    Nice! I love knowing the history of instruments!
    Agreed, a good story seems to make a guitar that much more cooler!!!!

    Glenn |B)
    Silhouette Special SSS in the first Fuschia Sparkle (Hardtail) [1/01/2002] [1 of a kind from CLB]
    Silhouette Special HSS in Gold Sparkle (Hardtail) [7/12/2002] [Made for Matchbox 20]
    Albert Lee 3 MM90's in White Sparkle (Hardtail) [8/14/2001] [NOS Just pure awesomeness]
    Albert Lee HH in Black Sugar (Hartail) [1/06/2011] [BFR with the 12th fret logo]

    Like BP said in the Chapman video "You've got a room full of guitars, and no money!! @ 6:00"

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    Thanks for the insights! That’s what I heard it was. One off for the Dallas guitar show in 2010. Incredible instrument the roasted maple is insane. Someone elsewhere online mentioned to me they’ve never seen a mystic dream with the bfr badge without a matching headstock and got me more curious about the instrument and lead me here. Sounds like it’s a unique mystic dream.

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    Hi All, I am new new to the Forum and thought would be a good idea to post my guitars
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails "Official" pics-o-my-guitar Thread-20200911_213511_res-jpg   "Official" pics-o-my-guitar Thread-20201002_152017_res-jpg   "Official" pics-o-my-guitar Thread-20170114_193328_res-jpg  

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    My first EBMM guitar - Axis Super Sport

    It's my first post. I became an EBMM bass owner in August (2020) and just became an EBMM guitar owner on Saturday. I'd kind of ignored the Axis Super Sport, the "little brother" model to the Axis. I thought about getting an LIII at some point, but the high output pickups, with a +20db boost preamp on board sounded like a lot of bells and whistles I really would never use. A JP model, even more stuff I wouldn't use.
    And then I considered the Axis Super Sport. The early ones I saw in the 1990s were kind of no-frills, but more recent ones are definitely not.
    I'd also considered a wood library PRS with ash body, single cut design, figured maple neck, and so on.
    So the Axis Super Sport caught my eye finally. Medium output humbuckers, rock n roll tone, and a stunning quilt top and figured maple neck. There happened to be a used one in great condition at my local Music Go Round, and it's one of the more stunning specimens I've seen. I love the faded cherry sunburst even more than the vintage yellow and blue ones I see many of online.

    "Official" pics-o-my-guitar Thread-axis-ss-1-4mp-jpg
    "Official" pics-o-my-guitar Thread-axis-ss-2-4mp-jpg
    "Official" pics-o-my-guitar Thread-axis-ss-2-jpg
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails "Official" pics-o-my-guitar Thread-asix-ss-3-jpg   "Official" pics-o-my-guitar Thread-axis-ss-1-jpg  
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    Hey all!

    Proud new owner of a gorgeous JP15 Sahara Flame! Just reaching out to say hi and share a pic of this beautiful monster.

    "Official" pics-o-my-guitar Thread-jp15-2019-jpg

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    Thumbs up

    The current available selection:
    "Official" pics-o-my-guitar Thread-img_21922-jpg
    2003 Petrucci 7 - White
    2005 Petrucci 7 - Radiance Red
    2006 Petrucci 6 - Desert Gold
    2007 Petrucci 7 - Dargie Delight
    2013 JP12 7 - Cherry Sugar
    2014 JP13 6 - Cardinal Red Sparkle

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