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Thread: "Official" pics-o-my-guitar Thread

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    This is in another thread.But here it is.

    Its actually autumn sparkle

    I may change the guard colour.

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    Heres my baby:

    Hamer Monaco Elite

    Cost me and arm and a leg, was a 2004 NAMM show guitar, actually going to sell it soon so I can buy a Music Man and have some cash leftover to pay off my debt lol.

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    Here are all my babies. Included is the JP-7 Blue Dawn I recently got.
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    My beautiful baby!!!

    Here's my EBMM Van Halen. The pics don't do it justice, but this thing has the most unbelievable piece of Birdseye I have ever seen. And I don't mean that in a braggins a**hole way.

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    For my official pics page.
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    Here's a photo of my EVH. I bought it new in '93.

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    Here's my Blue Pearl Luke w/ piezo:

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    Oops. Guess I'm supposed to post pics in here. Here's my first EB Axis and definitely not the last.

    Sorry don't have these pics on a global url, so I have to attach them for now.

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    See what a little Photoshopping can do...

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    Hi, I'm new here.
    I just bought this axis in a shop in Rome, Italy.
    It's my first axis but I'm not sure that is going to be the last...

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    here one of many of my new EVH!!!!

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    I'm trying to get some pics of my EVH up here for everyone to checkout! i hope this works!

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    OK, I finally got around to taking some shots of my Axis Sport last night (not overly good ones i might add.) they're too big to upload here so I've made up a quick page and attached it to my company website. Here's hoping it works.

    Music Man Axis Sport - Trans Blue
    Music Man Albert Lee - Pinkburst

    PRS 20th Anniversary Single Cut - Violin Amber Sunburst
    Gibson ES335 - Vintage Sunburst
    1963 Fender VI Bass - Vintage Sunburst
    1979 Tokai Love Rock - Lemon Drop
    Fender Stratocaster - Sunburst

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    Here's my Axis Super Sport in Pacific Blue Burst, Rosewood fingerboard, bought new in 2003 October ! Near the binding the blue is very dark, and comes to a kind of green water between the 2 pickups, too bad the photo don't show it well, the top is awesome, it's a standard top, so, i was very lucky !!!

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