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Thread: "Official" pics-o-my-guitar Thread

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    here's the neck :

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    Tim Ramsey

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    hey guys
    this is my sil special hardtail - natural headstock
    not sure wat the colour is called - anyone got any ideas? i think its las vegas gold, but not sure



    2018 Stingray Guitar - Stealth
    2017 JP6 - Starry Night
    25th Anniversary - Venetian Red
    2001 Silhouette Special - Las Vegas Gold

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    Talking my petrucci...

    my prs, my tokai. thanx a lot ;-))))))
    more at:
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    Family Photo

    Here are my girls. An Axis EX (purple), Axis SS hardtail w/piezos (trans orange), SLO Axis (natural) and and EVH (black). The Axes and the EVH sound identical, but the EVH is probably my favorite. It's pretty beat up which means I don't have to worry about scratching it. The others are in pristine condition except for fingerboard wear.
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    Pics of my miss "Stress"

    My favourite guitar with my favourite player's autograph. (Canadian spelling)

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    Some new pics of the Radiance Red JP and Bongo.
    "Welcome to the addiction!" is now patented by Koogie2k......if used by anyone other than must mail him a US nickel for each time said/typed or signed.......


    "Do something nice for someone everyday. Don't let your head hit the pillow until you do something nice for someone each day." I hope I don't let him down.

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    Long Last!

    At (Long) Last, after 4.5 months of wait, here she is. It's been 4.5 months. I am yet to play her, but it will take me a long long time to write a reviewdue to the # of pickup combinations on this guitar. The images are a little small and not very clear. Will try to take better ones this weekend. This is vintage sunburst with a white pearloid pickguard.

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    Here you go...


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    Really that is the best quilt I have seen.

    Here's a pic of my new hardtail.
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    Smile jpm redburst

    hey guys got into some of my old posts with my redburst21 user........found these pics figured they' would hold me off till my luke come is


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    It was a couple of moths ago that I accually got my Axis. Kinda late on posting pics, but here she is...

    '00 Axis, ash body w/MM-90s, pimped-out purple:

    My '96 Gibby Blueshawk:

    My '77 Kramer 450G:

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    At last. One Carbon Blue Luke and boy, was it worth the wait.

    With a normal flash the blue really comes out:

    Can't see the birdseye that well here but it is there:

    ...but you can here!!! Gorgeous happy with this. Maybe I should have deleted the matching headstock?

    Natural light without flash...hence the blurry photo!

    Sparkly and showing a hint of the jade colour that can show in certain light :

    Just love this colour. The photos still don't do it justice. You'd have to picture it from every angle to see all the variations of the blue
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    Here's some of my toys...

    Axis, Ibanez JS1, Axis EX, US Strat, Washburn "beater"!

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