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Thread: "Official" pics-o-my-guitar Thread

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    Since everyone else is doing collection shots, I might as well post mine too.

    They're large so I'll post links


    The one that's all "wood"colored in the front row has been parted out and no longer exists...it was an experiement.

    In it's place is this one:
    A lot of people think it ugly... good, that was the intention, it was fun.
    Balls..... everywhere!

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    Hi, Yeah she's a beauty. She's been gigged for a while so she has that "broken in" feel. Just about ready for a fret dress though. Here's the link to the ebay auction that the guy I bought it from had set up, he took some closeups.

    She didn't sell at auction so I made him a private offer and now she's mine.

    It's a Blueburst which apparently was a limited run colour for the Silo's.

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    Yes I like Silos. Like I said before, Silos are a my guitar can do more than your guitar kind of guitar. 24 frets and then 3 of them have split coil EMGís and that cool Steve Morse bridge toggle switch. Since I got the Petrucci back I have been playing it exclusively. Then last night I picked up one of the Silos and played one chord. It wonít be to much longer before the Pet finds it way back to the case. The Blue Dawn Silo has the piezo on it so there are 22 different pickup configurations listed at the thread
    Ernie Ball's most versitile Guitar
    and is my favorite guitar.
    The Silo Bass is a pure toy. It is just fun to play. I have tried to play other brands of baritone guitars and they all are just difficult to play.
    In taking this picture I found that photographing metal flake finishes with a Pac Blue Burst axis is tough. Also the color on the purple Silo Bass wants to wash out to look black. What I found was if I use a flash the Blue Dawn and the Burnt Apple look great but the contrast on the quilt top axis just doesnít show up. To me the top on the Axis is the prettiest piece of wood I have ever seen on a guitar. Without the flash, the way this picture was taken, the Blue Dawn and the Burnt Apple just donít sparkle. (FYI mine are the rare sparkly ones even though the pictures donít show it.) What I ended up doing was bringing every light in the room and uncovering all five windows and no flash.
    I am really proud of this collection and I worked really hard to get each guitar. I am also really glad that Ernie Ball provides this forum so that I can share this with you guys. The only people in the world that can appreciate my geek habit.
    I really Love My Ernie Ball Guitars and Ernie Ball!
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    Nice collection Norm .Great guitars!

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    Thanks for your compliments. The bullseye is a GMW, made by Lee Garver, who used to work for Charvel back in the early 80s. Lee makes some incredible guitars.


    Anything can be a suppository if enough force is applied.

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    Ok, here we go...
    My beloved Luke II:

    My *slightly* customized Aria STG:

    My decent colored Vester Maniac:

    Aria & Ovation-Style Roundback sunbathing:

    My Peavy C5/NTB bass:

    (Hey! This is neither jail nor my home, but the back window of our rehersal room located in an old factory building.)

    ...and always be aware of this fluffy-but-snappish guy

    ...good boy, keeps roadies and drummers away from my gear ;-)

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    *Finally* got around to taking some pics. The happy family (doesn't include the project guitars in the basement or acoustics ...):

    My "strat"- homemade body, Warmoth neck, Bill Lawrence pickups and Q-filter (gives a piezo-like sound), series/split/parallel switching:

    Washburn N4 with Bill Lawrence pickups:

    Jon's old Axis Super Sport. Note the all-black pickups and awesome birdseye neck. Looooove this baby!

    Tommy in Delaware's old 6-bolt Morse. Now has a series/split/parallel switch for both HBs and a Bill Lawrence Q-filter (for a piezo-like sound):

    Luke with an awesome birdseye neck!

    Also- Burnt Apple Silhouette Special (it's for sale):

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    Axis SS Pacific Blue Burst

    Here's my new Axis Super Sport w/piezo, Pacific Blue Burst, with premium quilt top. I took a closeup with both flash and no flash to try and better capture the color.

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    I've had the Luke for a few months. Just got the Silhouette , used (it's a 1991, I believe). What would you call that color? Not quite tobacco sunburst, not quite vintage sunburst...anyone know?
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    i just discovered this new photo hosting site....got the whole collection on there...hope this works...enjoy!!!

    You have been invited to visit a photo album http://photobucket.com/albums/y52/ebmmquilt/

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    Finally got around to taking some pictures of my new Albert Lee with MM90's.

    Again, many thanx got out to Jon, (The neck is like glass), for pimping it out and getting the Axis Sport knobs to work and changing the pup covers from black to white.

    YOU THE MAN!!!!!!

    Here is a before picture, borrowed from SteveLINY:


    Here are the after pictures:


    Later, Glenn |B)
    Silhouette Special SSS in the first Fuschia Sparkle (Hardtail) [1/01/2002] [2001 NAMM piece, 1 of a kind from CLB]
    Silhouette Special HSS in Gold Sparkle (Hardtail) [7/12/2002] [Made for Matchbox 20]
    Albert Lee 3 MM90's in White Sparkle (Hardtail) [8/14/2001] [NOS Just pure awesomeness]
    Albert Lee HH in Black Sugar (Hartail) [1/06/2011] [BFR with the 12th fret logo]

    Like BP said in the Chapman video "You've got a room full of guitars, and no money!! @ 6:00"

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    my silhoutte:2001 las vegas gold with brushed aluminum pickguard (sorry the pic sux)

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    Smile My Family

    This is my Honeyburst Axis! And my JP too!

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    Okay, I finally managed to borrow a digital camera and get my images hosted. Here are the links.

    Gear Photos

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