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Thread: "Official" pics-o-my-guitar Thread

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    "Official" pics-o-my-guitar Thread

    It would be nice to have all the various pics of guitars in one thread. I know sometimes I wonder about a particular color, know someone has posted a pic of it, and spend 1/2 an hour digging around for it...

    Anyway, I'll start...

    2003 Albert Lee, Black Cherry Burst, matching headstock, trem, white pearl pickguard and matching P-90 covers -


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    Here's my Pacific Blue Axis Super Sport with piezo...

    Pedalboard pics:

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    I was hoping for this


    One of my silos is at my coaches house as we are praticing for shredfest. So a new group shot is not possible today. Anyway:

    Steve and the Silhouettes

    The Axes

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    Oh, alright, if I have to, here are mine....

    My Ernie Ball Music Man guitars....

    Just for the record, the PRS is on it's way out - with so many lovely EB/MM necks in my stable, I just don't like the feel of the finished neck any more, so I'm gonna trade it for a Petrucci....

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    alright i have one decent pic of the petrucci and my other gear but i have no web site to post them so i'll just upload the petrucci to my msn profile and hopefully that will work


    ** i had to create an msn group but that could work out pretty well

    if anyone wants to join just mention your from here and your in i made it a guitar and music group
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    wow... he's pretty fast

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    Here's my sunburst Albert Lee:

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    Here's my black MM90/trem Albert Lee:

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    My EBMMEVH, wich I've fitted with a EVH D-tuna.

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    The sport wich I love, and is very rare over here.

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    here a few pictures of my lovely silhouette special
    ooh God, i ****ing love my Silhouette Special

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    2nd one
    ooh God, i ****ing love my Silhouette Special

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