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Thread: finally my jpm pics woooo whoooo

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    Talking finally my jpm pics woooo whoooo

    Here they go thanks to jimi D and vegasgreg for the posting help.


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    nice man.... im waiting for mine. same specs except for the inlay. love it man. im glad you got it man, play your butt off bro.

    God bless,


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    Very, very nice... You just gotta love that finish! congrats redburst21!

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    very cool guitar! rock on!

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    Nice Petrucci man, l hope you enjoy it as much as l enjoy mine.

    Limited edition True Gold Luke On order - For a third time, thanks Colin
    Dargie Delight II Luke with matching headstock Once again, thanks Colin.
    Ernie Ball BFR Luke (Bahama Blue) AWESOME - Thanks Colin.
    Ernie Ball Luke 1 (that blue color)
    Rivera Knucklehead
    Rivera Bonehead Australia's best Musicman dealer.

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    Wow. A Pet. with the whole 9 yards! Looks great and i bet sounds even better! Nice axe, and enjoy!!
    Authorized EB/MM dealer.

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    Congrats!!! Good luck and treat her well!!

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    wow... am I the only man alive who got one without the piezo and color matched headstock? I didn't get the "JP" inlay either... mine looks so plain... what was I thinking? and that red is fantastic... looks like I have to get another one. I think I must seek mental help. I needed to fix the AC in my car and get new tires: got another Axis. refinish the deck: got the afore mentioned petrucci instead... now there's this new morse model coming out! when, lord, WHEN!? when can I break my psychological addiction to these quality american guitars at reasonable prices?!?

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    i have the same finish w/o the matchign headstock. everyone that sees that axe creams over the finish

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