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Thread: ebay/Craigslist treasures

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    One for UK/EU folks probably - but i was in a guitar shop in Brighton UK called Mudpie Music, and they had these two beauties.

    A well-gigged, 1990s Silhouette - 799.00

    and this 1970s genuine Musicman Amp:

    Shop details - mudpiemusicbrighton@gmail.com

    Albert Lee HH - White
    Cutlas SSS - Ivory White
    St Vincent - BFR Trans Gold
    American Vintage 59 Strat - Sherwood Green

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    Trans Blue Al SSS with EMG's

    Ernie Ball Music Man Albert Lee SSS 2011 Guitar Blue | Reverb

    Glenn |B)
    Silhouette Special SSS in Fuschia Sparkle (Hardtail) [1/01/2002] [1 of a kind from CLB]
    Silhouette Special HSS in Gold Sparkle (Hardtail) [7/12/2002] [Made for Matchbox 20]
    Albert Lee 3 MM90's in White Sparkle (Hardtail) [8/14/2001] [Just pure awesomeness]
    Albert Lee HH in Black Sugar (Hartail) [1/06/2011] [BFR]

    Like BP said in the Chapman video "You've got a room full of guitars, and no money!!"

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    Great deal for someone looking for a JP6 in Canada. $1,500 w/piezo!

    Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci 6 2013 Gloss Red | Reverb
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    2003 Petrucci 7 - White
    2005 Petrucci 7 - Radiance Red
    2006 Petrucci 6 - Desert Gold
    2007 Petrucci 7 - Dargie Delight
    2010 JPX 6 - Turquoise Pearl
    2014 JP13 6 - Cardinal Red Sparkle

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    EBMM Majesty Gold Sparkle (77 pieces worldwide)

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    JPXI Cardinal Red
    JP12 Cherry Sugar
    JP12 7 Cardinal Red
    MAJESTY Glacial Frost
    MAJESTY Ferrari Rosso
    MONARCHY MAJESTY 7 Black Knight
    NOMAC MAJESTY Timeworn Matte Silver

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    Albert Lee 2009 Firemist Orange Hardtail Birdseye Neck:
    in the UK - discontinued colour - good price 1250 and open to offers

    Not mine, just to be clear

    ERNIE BALL MUSICMAN ALBERT LEE 2009 Firemist Orange Hardtail Birdseye Music Man | eBay
    Albert Lee HH - White
    Cutlas SSS - Ivory White
    St Vincent - BFR Trans Gold
    American Vintage 59 Strat - Sherwood Green

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    Axis baritone. Not something you see everyday.

    Ernie Ball Music Man Axis Baritone owned by Aaron Fink/Breaking Benjamin Ernie Ball Music Man Axis Baritone owned by Aaron | Reverb
    My stuff:
    2007 Axis Pacific Blue Burst (9/25/07)
    2016 Axis Super Sport Starry Night PDN (11/23/16)
    2010 JP6 Mystic Dream (6/22/10)
    1989 Fender HM Strat HSS Blackstone
    2016 Gibson Les Paul Studio Deluxe Caribbean Night
    1995 Washburn N2 Padauk Stain
    2017 Taylor 224ce-K DLX Koa
    SBMM JP70 Trans Purpleburst
    SBMM S.U.B. SB4 Black
    A half-dozen pawn shop beaters no one cares about


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    EDIT: Removed link, cause I got message from Ebay, that the account probably has been hijacked.
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    ASS BFR, AL HH, Silo

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    Wow! 2012 BFR ASS hardtail w/ matchy headstock Cherry Burst

    $1450 OBO!!! Someone snag this!

    Ernie Ball Music Man Axis Ball Family Reserve Electric Guitar | eBay

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