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Thread: ebay/Craigslist treasures

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    Cool ebay/Craigslist treasures

    *Buyers and Sellers are to take full responsibility for their transactions. EB will not accept liability.
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    6) If you need to answer questions or negotiate etc. then do so by private mail.

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    The Mods.
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    Hi mates~ I've got too much GAS in the past year and have no choice but to scale down my collection a bit... And I've just consigned my two BFR Steve Morse to a reliable Reverb Store in Hong Kong. Have a check in the following links and share it along with other EBMM lovers~

    Steve Morse Signature BFR (with BFR inlay at 12th fret)
    Ernie Ball Music Man Ball Family Reserve Steve Morse | Reverb

    Steve Morse Y2D Darklord BFR (with BFR inlay at 12th fret)
    Ernie Ball Music Man Y2D Dark Lord 2012 | NCK Guitars | Reverb
    Steve Morse Y2D Neptune Blue
    Steve Morse BFR Black Sugar
    Steve Morse Darklord
    Emerald Green Sparkle Silhouette Doubleneck
    Axis Black Magic
    Axis Super Sport Semi-hollow w/Piezo Neptune Blue
    Majesty Artisan Azzurro Blue

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