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Thread: My new Axis is "custom made": what means?

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    My new Axis is "custom made": what means?

    Only now me they are shrewed that my new axis is "custom made"; therefore it is written in the metallic slab behind the neck (in the neckplate); I enclosed photo.
    What means "custom made"?
    Is one good or bad what?
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    That means that this is your Lucky day

    Custom Made means upgraded top can you show us a photo of the other side ?
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    yeah its means you are VERY lucky, and i dont like you.

    kidding, now give us pics of the custom made top, it must be UNREAL!
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    Yow! Nice flame! Great score...
    Play Ball!!

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    That's insane for sure! WELLLLLLL done!
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    Great looking top!

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