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Thread: Anyone have this Amp & Cab

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    Anyone have this Amp & Cab

    My wife just won't let me get it...

    [ame=""]YouTube - The loudest tube guitar amp in the universe...[/ame]

    hmm.... how can i get one without her finding out and does anyone know if it goes to 11?
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    I have one. I keep it next to the couch for late night practicing.

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    congrats on the big 1000 too Cud!
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    Imagine lugging that big monster to a gig?!?!?!?!!?! you'll need a truck just to transport it.

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    Yeah I got one -- I live in it !!
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    Quote Originally Posted by robelinda2 View Post

    congrats on the big 1000 too Cud!

    Thanks robelinda! I've been piling up posts here lately because it's become the place I hang the most.

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    it's a bit BIG isn't it????


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    I would love to turn up to a rehearsal with that, just to see the faces of the other three (who already think I have too much/too loud gear)!

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    what a waste of engineering...that is the stupidest idea i have ever seen!!!

    at the same time it is neat to look at and drool

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    Can you imagine what it will sound like at the local guitar center when they get a couple of those in? I already can't hear myself think when I walk in there.

    On the other hand. If I get my wife to park her car outside, I could put one of those out in the garage. She might not notice...

    A kinder, gentler collection...

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    Hmm.... I used to have a little 1x12" Blue Voodoo - it sounded okay but crapped out on me one too many times... If that cab's made out of the same particle board crap that mine was, it'll fall apart after a couple gigs just from being lugged around...

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    Look on the bright side, it's a boondoggle for the hearing aid industry..

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    too bad the TONE sounds like total crap, at least on the settings he has it on. It's funny how scooping the mids hollows out the sound even with sixteen 12-inch speakers. "Friggin' horrible.
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    A proto for a trade show no doubt...
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