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Thread: Today.. My Dream come true.. (luke MK I)

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    Today.. My Dream come true.. (luke MK I)

    hi guys..

    just want to share happiness in this lovely day for me..

    actually today is a big day in my life.. a very important day in my life..
    today my LUKE MK I has arrived.. and i'm very happy.. it's my first EBMM.. and i've been dreaming of this guitar since 10 years ago..(or 11years, forget..)

    i want to give lots of big thanks to some people who has been supportive to make this happened to me...

    - big thanks to Mr Jimi D.. for posting a thread in our forum about this guitar auction on ebay several month ago.. http://www.ernieball.com/forums/musi...highlight=LUKE
    - big thanks to my brother, my best friend, and my idol ponco satrio to help me to get this guitar, and let her stayed at your home for several month in edmond , thx for the dvd and cd too..
    - thousand thanks to my crazy brother, my best friend, Gustaaf.. to make this guitar arrived in Indonesia.. (i love that carbon blue LUKE 2 in your room .. please tell me if you get bored.. .. )
    - and million thx for both of you (ponch and guustaf) to bring the back plate to be signed by king Lukather himself at the ebmm gathering in texas.. (thx you Mr. Lucious.. )
    - thanks to andry(he is not member of our forum) to bring this guitar with him on the plane..
    - thx for big poppa to create this nice super forum,
    - thx for ernieball musicman for making super guitars in your factory..

    btw, My next plan is saving for LUKE 2 , starting today.. ..

    this guitar quality is uncomparable with my other guitar..it's the best guitar i've ever played.. in all aspects.. .. but you guys already know about that don't you?

    here she is.. sorry the picture quality is bad. i promise i will take some picture again tomorrow with enough light..
    LUKE MK I (red pearl)

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    Congrats on the purchase. I do love the red pearl. Looks great.


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    Quote Originally Posted by lumberjack View Post
    Congrats on the purchase. I do love the red pearl. Looks great.

    thank you very much scott.. it's my favorite colour too..


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    I would order another backplate from EBMM, so you can protect the autograph.

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    yeah.. that's a good idea..
    i planned to take the plate off for a while until i get the new one.. that signature is priceless for me..

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    cool story with happy end.
    good luck and congrats!
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    Sweet Luke!

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    nice work, luke rules!!!! congrats on the first of many!!!!
    My name is Rob and I'm an AL-coholic!
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    I buy my balls from the number one EBMM dealer in Australia, the all round nice guy and legendary Colin!His website is www.guitarplanet.com.au Give him a call to order your balls!!!!!

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    that is nice, i sure would like try a Luke sometime!!!

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    wow man thats awesome! and so many people helped you out! thats very very kewl!
    Merry Christmas dude! enjoy your Luke
    Lonney B

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    thx man, yeah ithe story is like a dream come true for me,i dream this guitar 11 ears ago, i watched a video clip of local band here in television..and just fall in love to that guitar.. (i even don;t know who is lukather and what is musicman at that time ), after i know that guitar was discontinued i used to think that i will never play this guitar..and i've collected some of this guitar pics in internet..and put the pics as the desktop background for my office computer and my laptop ..
    so.. yersterday was very exciting for me.. wish me luck for LUKE II.. i hope i can get that guitar next year.. (end of the year.. coz next year's january is already next week from now )..thx!

    thx man.. i really love the red ..

    Hi Rob, thx for being very kind , very supportive and very helpful to a junior member like me, i have lots of information about ebmm from you and some friends in this forum..

    Hi Brent, thx,your evh's are also amazing.. i've amazed with your collection even before i joined in this forum.. (i saw you and your girl in you tube) .. great guitars man .. great playing too..
    you have to try LUKE sometimes..and feel the difference
    yesterday i said to our friend who has LUKE II (ponch) that im amazed with this guitar, and he said "wait till u try LUKE II (he say it with smile!!) " , i heard that LUKE II is a killer..
    and i really can't imagine what happened with that mahogany tone block in luke 3.. even this first version of luke is already killing me.. and i'm planning to sell my F*ender and saving for LUKE II(i think it will be Carbon Blue Pearl, i also really love that color..)

    thx man, those people who helping me are like angels from heaven.. God answer my pray and send those angels
    but.. can you imagine there is an angel looks like this

    hahaha.. that's gustaaf guys, he use his first name (barry) as his nickname in our forum..

    Merry Christmas for all of u and your family..may your christmas dream can come true.. like my dream comes true in this christmas.. thx God..
    Last edited by ba2m; 12-24-2006 at 10:12 PM.

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    Sweet Axe man.....It's good that your dream came true at least one of them...I always liked the luke 1, but a little hard to find congrats on the purchase good luck on the next.

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    Great luke. I love the colour and the floyd...............ROCK CHRISTMAS DUDE!

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    Very nice! That is one guitar I would like to have gotten hold of as well! Congrats!

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