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Thread: Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!

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    Will be posting pictures soon...

    Selling a near mint condition Sterling LK100D no problems with it at all. Selling to free up some funds to make another Guitar purchase.

    Comes with the stock transition pickups and gig bag. Will also include Ernie Ball Strap locks and the very nicely matched Ernie Ball Imperial Blue guitar strap.

    I'm asking $725 (obo) which includes shipping cont. US and fees. Im willing to ship internationally however buyer is responsible for shipping charges and any duties and or taxes that may apply.
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    EBMM top..more like a pearl gold.rosewood fretboard,trem..better than new..perfectly set up.ohsc included.1250,plus shipping conus for

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    Still have the Luke Candy Red for sale, 1600.00 shipped and paypalled pics on request, do a search you will see them.


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    For Sale - SBMM JV60 with upgrades. This guitar was purchased from DuBaldo's Music brand new in March of 2017. It is in excellent condition. It has never been out of my house. It has a VERY nice roasted flamed Maple neck with Maple Fretboard. With the Ash body, upgraded pups and saddles this guitar has a ton of sustain with harmonics and overtones to match. It is a very ALIVE guitar. I'm selling to fund another purchase. It has the following upgrades:

    1. DiMarzio PAF 36th Anniversary Bridge Pup in the neck position
    2. DiMarzio AT-1 Andy Timmons pup in bridge position
    3. Graphtec string saver saddles
    4. Schaller locking tuners
    5. Very highly polished frets - which feel VERY much like stainless they are that smooth.
    6. The tone knob has a split coil switch - installed by DuBaldo's Music.
    7. Push/push treble boost volume switch.

    I bought this guitar new from Pete at DuBaldo's for $700. Including the upgrades (pups were professionally installed) I have over $1000 into this guitar. I'm asking $750 shipped and paypalled to anywhere in the Continental U.S. Comes with a Gig Bag. Pics below. I have a TON more pics upon request.

    Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-jv60_1-jpg
    Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-jv60_2-jpg
    Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-jv60_3-jpg
    Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-jv60_6-jpg
    Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-jv60_5-jpg
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    2002 JP6, mystic dream

    2/3 loaded- has piezo and matching headstock with dot inlays. Serial g18170, DOB 1/8/02 (as per ebmm serial number thread).

    Overall in great shape for a 16 year old. I’m the second owner (eBay purchase around 2008) and hasn’t had much playing time since. I’ve used it as a backup in maybe a dozen gigs in the last 10 years.

    Among a couple minor blemishes, let me describe an issue with the piezo: when the guitar was shipped to me, the piezo didn’t work. The seller was no help, but I called customer service and they explained that sometimes the battery contacts get a little bent, so I bent one back about 1/8” and the piezo worked fine. In getting this guitar ready for sale this week, I checked the piezo, same thing, and just a little jiggering fixed it. I’m happy to send more pics or a short video to interested buyers.

    See pictures: a common finish crack (I couldn’t find one on the other side) and a couple tiny blemishes (that I never even noticed until I was getting ready to list.

    Asking $1275, shipped and PP’ed to continental US.

    Note: the spring cover on the back is included. I just took it off to show the spring cavity. Guitar currently set up with hybrid slinkies
    Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-04bc12b6-e9ff-47f9-ba1c-57dc54aa65b9-jpgMusic Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-58c1e1cb-a713-44fb-9362-f818aef7326a-jpgMusic Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-b43fb3c6-bee4-4ad5-8702-af47cfb6400c-jpg
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-ecaf3c1e-a0e9-4bcb-9136-ee27d6ec2e64-jpg  
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    I'm selling the pickups & electronics (board, pots, etc.) from a SSH Luke III. PM me if you're interested.

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