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Thread: Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!

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    20th Anniversary Silhouette

    My 20th is back on the market (had a deal lined up but it fell through), so I'm relisting it.

    It's a hardtail, non-piezo with matching headstock in immaculate condition. PM me if you want more info or want to see more pics.

    $1400 shipped (continental U.S. only) or best offer. Payment via PayPal (no money orders, personal checks, etc.).

    Trade offers are welcome, but I’m not looking for another guitar. Something like cash + pedals would be cool, though.

    Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-img_1098-jpg Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-img_1094-jpg Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-img_1097-jpg

    Edit: Added a couple extra pics, details on configuration, and payment method.

    Edit 2: Now accepting trade offers (see details)!
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    Thumbs up Majesty Artisan Azurro , LIII Bodhi Blue hss

    Majesty :
    Bought November 2016 , condition : very good - no dings , scratches , slightly faded gold hardware ( bridge plate , switch ) - common issue .Plays like a dream ( theater . )
    Comes with original case and paperwork

    L3 :
    Bought March 2014 , condition : 9/10 , no dings and scratches , frets in good shape . Nice grain on the neck , perfect intonation , sounds exceptional - my best sounding guitar ever .

    Q: Why I am selling 2 superb instruments ?
    Had an accident this May , my elbow ( radius bone head ) had been crushed - prosthetic implant installed but my arm still not working properly : no rotation ( pronation/supination ) at all so I am unable to play all the instruments ....
    Have another surgery on October 18th , so need to rise funds : 5k € .
    Price :
    Majesty : 2600 € , Luke : 2100 € . Shipped to most EU countries , outside ? no idea yet .
    Pics ? Yes :

    Music Man Artisan Azurro and LIII Bodhi Blue - Google Photos

    If you want some more details or have questions just PM me ,
    Thanks for watching

    P.S. Thanks Jeff for clarification , no bad intentions involved , Artisan is not Monarchy
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