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Thread: Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!

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    Cool Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!


    Please understand that Ernie Ball is the only guitar manufacturer to provide a “For Sale Or Trade” service. This service is also free of charge. It is expected that the rules are strictly adhered to by all posters who use this privilege.

    The rules, set out below, have evolved over time at the collective request of fellow Forum members in an attempt to overcome issues that have arisen from time to time.

    *Sellers, Buyers and Traders are to take full responsibility for their transactions. EB will not accept liability.
    *Disputes will not be mediated nor resolved by EB or Moderators.


    1) Before posting an advert you will need a posting history of at least 25 previous posts throughout the Forum over a period of at least one month. Most importantly, you must be a contributing member of good standing in the forum community. In borderline cases, Moderators will review your posting history and will remove your advert if they deem necessary. 'Serial posting' in an attempt to obtain 25 posts in a short time period of time is not allowed.

    2) Only EB/MM items may be advertised.

    3) No advertising for a friend.

    4) In the case of a sale, state the selling price.

    5) Asking for payment by PayPal gift option is not allowed.

    6) Do not link your post to an on-line auction (e.g. Ebay) or to any other media where you may have placed your advert.

    7) No comments please. If you need to compliment, ask/answer questions, or negotiate then do so by private message.

    8) Posts will expire after a month but you are at liberty to re-post your advert after that time if you wish.

    9) Please delete posts when transactions have been finalized.

    10) Please limit the number and size of photographs in your posts. Maximum of 5 photos per post (less is OK too). You can privately share more photos with interested buyers when they contact you.

    Note: Failure to observe any of the above rules will result in automatic deletion of your posts and, in some cases, the possibility of being either temporarily or permanently banned.

    Many thanks!
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    Asking: $1,850 (shipped to anywhere in the USA)

    Like all of you folks, I'm a Music Man fan. I own few basses and a couple electrics from Ernie Ball.

    But in 2010 I started a hobby of buying really old vintage guitars for collecting purposes. One of the acquisitions I made was for this really nice 1979 Sabre II. But I'm in a bit of a financial jam and need to sell this guitar from my collection. This is a Mint 1979 Music Man Sabre II electric. It's in collector condition. It looks brand new and it feels brand new. Here's the story behind it:

    It was originally sold in Japan to collector that had held onto it for 30 years before selling it. In 2009 it was sold to a guy in MD that bought and sold collector condition musical instruments for extra income.

    I came along in 2010 to buy it from this guy in MD. I intended on keeping it for several more years and I have not played this guitar for more 2 hours since buying it.

    This has not been a player's guitar. It has sat virtually unplayed and when you put it in your hands, you could swear that it was made in 2017. But of course this could become a player guitar and that would be up to you.

    The only three things I did since buying the guitar was change out the strings, replace the leather handle on the case with another leather handle in the same color and I custom ordered an extra pick guard from Pick Guard Heaven. There are photos of both pick guards and both will be included with the guitar. The original black guard looks new as well.
    The cool thing about this is that the manual and warrantee card are in Japanese. Those items along with the original case and keys are included.

    Here's a link to the photos:
    Update your browser to use Google Drive - Drive Help

    Please if you need to know anything about the specifics of this guitar please feel free to write me anytime.

    Here's one more photo below.

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    Putting my Sterling by Musicman Silo30 up for sale. Basswood body with maple neck and rosewood fretboard. These were a limited release when SBMM was first introduced.

    Only mods I've made are chrome knobs and a tele style switch tip. Currently has EB strap locks installed. I have originals as well and can reinstall.

    Asking $385 shipped/PP in the cont USA. Including the SBMM gigbag in the sale.

    Reflex - Trans Black Flame

    EBMM SUB4 Bass

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    Selling my EVH Sig, Nice unfaded purple in the rare hardtail model! Neck and frets are super clean, body has some indentations on the top and some finish wear on the back. With original hard shell case. $2500 shipped.

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    FS: PDN Neptune Morse (maple)

    Featherlight (like 7.2lbs i think), near mint condition, Morse standard with roasted maple neck and board. Very reluctant to sell this because it's rare as hen's teeth to find a lightweight Morse. but i have too many guitars and my 1987 morse is enough for the gigs I do. comes with OHSC and original shipping box.

    $1750 plus shipping.

    Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-morse_pdn-jpg

    SELL ME YOUR 1st 50 MORSE!!!

    1977 Stingray Bass B00 natural
    1987/8 Morse
    1993 Van Halen hardtail
    1994 Albert Lee
    1998 Axis hardtail
    1998 Axis hardtail
    2000 Silhouette Bass, rw board
    2001 Mr. Horsepower 12 of 25
    2005 Axis SSRW
    2014 PDN Neptune Morse maple
    2014 PDN Neptune Morse rw

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    I am offering my SBMM Cutlass in white - ca. 9 months old, very good condition, just a small dent on top of the headstock. Playability is great, the guitar is rather light weight.

    Right now there are other pickups mounted, which I will keep. I sell the guitar with the stock pickups, will change them.

    This is the exact guitar Thomann used to take the pictures on their website. Thomann offers warranty until May 2019.

    Looking for 450,- , I prefer to sell in Germany but if interested pm me, also for any questions...

    blueburst Steve Morse Standard, Jan 03, 2005 pix
    pinkburst Albert Lee, Jul 13, 1994 pix
    cinnamon SUB1, Mar 08, 2004 pix
    vintage gold reflex, June 22, 2011 pix

    white SBMM Cutlass, 2016 pix

    My Bands: Shelter50, The BlueScream

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    2016 NAMM Axis Super Sport semi-hollow one-off

    Selling my 2016 NAMM Axis Super Sport semi-hollow one-off. I bought it brand new from The Music Farm, an authorized dealer. I never played it and it has been in its case with the exception of taking it out for pictures.

    This is a one-off display piece for Summer NAMM 2016. Finish is Translucent Teal Burst. Amazing roasted flame maple neck and fret board. In unplayed, collector condition. Looking for $2399.00 USD. I am in the Boston, MA area and will ship anywhere in the continental USA.

    If interested, please PM. Thanks for looking.

    Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-fullsizerender-jpg
    Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-fullsizerender3-jpg
    Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-fullsizerender7-jpg
    Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-mm-axis-ss-semi-hollow-namm-2016-jpg
    Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-namm-2016-guitars-jpg
    2016 NAMM Axis SS Semi-Hollow - Trans Teal Burst
    2009 25th Anniversary Reflex - Artist Relations

    2016 Fender Am. Vintage 59 Strat - Ltd. Ed. Thin Skin
    2015 Fender Am. Standard Strat - Ltd. Ed. HH
    2015 Fender Am. Deluxe Strat - V neck
    2014 PRS Private Stock McCarty Singlecut
    2013 Alvarez Yairi Masterworks DYM70
    2012 Fender Am. Select Tele
    2009 Fender Am. Standard Strat - Ltd. Ed. Fiesta Red

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    Silhouette Special

    Back to sell another one of my beauties. Still out of commission and forced into retirement for medical reasons and need the cash.

    Silhouette Special (Excellent Condition) and approximately 10 to 15 hours of actual playing time and never taken out of the house except for our move. It has not been played in the last few years but is taken out of the case and cleaned, polished, and oiled periodically.

    The factory calls this white but it has always looked more of a cream to me. Not like the GIF Avatar.

    Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-white_mm-jpg
    Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-white_silo_bk-jpg
    Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-white_hs-jpg

    I can provide more photos upon request.

    Shell Pick Guard
    Vintage Tremolo
    Rosewood Fretboard
    Original shipping box

    CONUS only, please.
    Price: $850.00 + Actual (CONUS) Shipping & Insurance

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    2002 Axis Super Sport - $1000 shipped CONUS

    2002 Axis Super Sport - $1000 shipped CONUS

    A fantastic looking and sounding 7 lbs 7 oz tone monster
    I have taken many pictures showing a few cosmetic blemishes.
    Typical neck pocket cracks (finish only).
    Few blemishes on the back and two on the front (all pictured)
    All stock, comes with original case and tremolo arm.
    One latch on the case does not work.
    According to serial # the birthdate is June 19th, 2002.
    Weighs only 7lbs and 7oz

    Many high quality pictures at this link.

    Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-1-jpg

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    New mint EBMM Stingray Chili Red Maple fretboard, no trades, 1025.00 shipped and PP CONUS will ship over seas at cost.

    PM or email which is best at, great guitar just can't play much due to injury.

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    Exclamation FS: 2015 Petrucci 7 string (USA)

    I was out of the "family" for a while and was looking for the right guitar to get back in. Unfortunately, after having acquired this beauty, I remembered why I hadn't owned a JP in the past - the location of the pickup switch just doesn't gel with my playing style. So I'm offering it here.

    2015 JP 7-string in white with matching headstock and bullet inlays. All stock and like new. There is one very small pin-size impression in the back near the trem cover that wouldn't show up in a pic, otherwise it's 100% perfect. Includes original case, trem bar, and all the case candy. $1625 shipped lower 48 US. Prefer a sale to free up some cash but I would consider a trade/trade+cash for an ASS but I'm picky. I'll consider offers, the worst I can say is no.

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    Sterling JP-100, unique liquid amber finish

    One-off Sterling JP-100, liquid amber finish. Bought from Pete DuBaldo in 2012; only played for about 8 hours total. It's a great guitar, I just prefer my MM Jp's and this one has just been sitting for several years. It's never even been out of my house, so still in essentially brand-new condition.

    $650 shipped, CONUS only.

    Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-img_0018-jpg

    Sorry the pic is upside down; PM me for more pics and/or info.
    SM standard vintage sunburst
    SMy2d purple sunset
    JP6 pearl red burst
    JP6 mystic dream
    JP6 desert gold
    JP6 autumn redrise
    JP6 blue dawn
    JP6 Cardinal red sparkle
    JP6 Gold Sparkle
    JP6 Starry Night
    Sterling JP100 liquid amber 1-off
    Stingray 4 honeyburst

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    I have a Silhouette Special SSH hardtail Blue Dawn 2001 for sale in Germany. It has maple fretboard, pearloid white pickguard, black pickups and knobs. Apart from a few rather minor battle marks it is in good condition. The most obvious is a scratch below the right hand forearm rest.
    OSHC included.

    I had the electronics exchanged though:
    Dimarzio AT-1 Bridge
    Dimarzio Fast Track 1 middle
    Dimarzio Pro Track neck
    5 way switch: bridge, bridge parallel middle, bridge parallel neck, middle, neck
    500k Volume pot, 250k Fender no load tone pot
    So now the humbucker sounds resemble Axis, and the rear quack position shows some quack, but fatter and not much quieter than the humbucker sounds. That Fast Track alone also sounds pretty good.

    1300 EUR seems a good starting point to me. Will ship to Europe which may be from 30-50 EUR depending where you are.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-img_20170327_125703725-jpg   Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-img_20170327_125628596-jpg   Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-img_20170327_125556938-jpg   Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-img_20170327_125447750-jpg   Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-img_20170327_125432485-jpg  

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    2001 Axis SuperSport HH hardtail maple fretboard translucent gold
    1997 Axis Sport HSS hardtail maple fretboard translucent red
    2001 Silo Special HSS hardtail maple fretboard BlueDawn
    2002 AL MM90 hardtail maple fretboard honeyburst converted to AL 2H

    SOLD! 201? SBMM AX20 Rockstar Edition

    SOLD! 1999 Axis Super Sport HH hardtail maple fretboard translucent gold How could I ? stupid idiot...

    SOLD! 1999 Axis Sport H-H hardtail maple fretboard black

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    I need to sell some guitars.
    For sale:
    25th anniversary maple neck customized with gotoh floyd rose. Professional job.I have the bill to prove. Good condition. 3 little marks. Can send photo's. 1600 euro's
    JP15 Blueberry limited. New/ mint. Killer top. 3000 euro's

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    Petrucci JP15
    25th Anniversary with Floyd
    EVH Blue
    EVH Red
    EVH Pink
    EVH Black

    Kemper Profiler amp, 2 home made thiele cabs.

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    For Sale:

    I have 2 great Music Man instruments for sale:

    2016 ST. Vincent in Blue/white. It's setup with 9's and the bridge is set to float. The St. Vincent has accompanied me on 3 gigs, and it's a killer guitar - I just can't get past the ergonomics. $1600 shipped to ConUS.

    2016 Morse Y2D. Hard Tail, purple sunset, and non-quilt top. $1550 shipped to ConUS. Another killer guitar, but whenever I go to a show, I alwasys grab my JP6. Someone needs to take this guitar out and let it be played.

    Both guitars come with the original case, but the candy is missing.

    Pics and Serial numbers available for serious inquiries.


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