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Thread: Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!

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    Cool Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!


    Please understand that Ernie Ball is the only guitar manufacturer to provide a “For Sale Or Trade” service. This service is also free of charge. It is expected that the rules are strictly adhered to by all posters who use this privilege.

    The rules, set out below, have evolved over time at the collective request of fellow Forum members in an attempt to overcome issues that have arisen from time to time.

    *Sellers, Buyers and Traders are to take full responsibility for their transactions. EB will not accept liability.
    *Disputes will not be mediated nor resolved by EB or Moderators.


    1) Before posting an advert you will need a posting history of at least 25 previous posts throughout the Forum over a period of at least one month. Most importantly, you must be a contributing member of good standing in the forum community. In borderline cases, Moderators will review your posting history and will remove your advert if they deem necessary. 'Serial posting' in an attempt to obtain 25 posts in a short time period of time is not allowed.

    2) Only EB/MM items may be advertised.

    3) No advertising for a friend.

    4) In the case of a sale, state the selling price.

    5) Asking for payment by PayPal gift option is not allowed.

    6) Do not link your post to an on-line auction (e.g. Ebay) or to any other media where you may have placed your advert.

    7) No comments please. If you need to compliment, ask/answer questions, or negotiate then do so by private message.

    8) Posts will expire after a month but you are at liberty to re-post your advert after that time if you wish.

    9) Please delete posts when transactions have been finalized.

    10) Please limit the number and size of photographs in your posts. Maximum of 5 photos per post (less is OK too). You can privately share more photos with interested buyers when they contact you.

    Note: Failure to observe any of the above rules will result in automatic deletion of your posts and, in some cases, the possibility of being either temporarily or permanently banned.

    Many thanks!
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    Pickups for sale

    Wasn't sure where to post this, but I figured the Guitars For Sale/Trade thread probably wasn't it...

    SBMM AX3 humbucker set $50

    Sterlings are brand new.
    All function as they should and have good lead wires.
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    Mint Condition EBMM Valentine in Trans Buttermilk...needs a good home

    Hello all!

    I am selling my Valentine in Trans Buttermilk. It has less than 10 hours of playing time on it. My brother bought it for me as a gift and I had no idea I was getting it. It is a gorgeous guitar that looks and plays like a dream.

    I am the original owner and it was hand picked by my rep at Sweetwater. He is a player and is the only person I trust to grab me "the one." I have posted the actual pics of the guitar from Sweetwater, but have take some of my own personal ones I can PM you. It also includes the signature Valentine hardshell case.

    I am asking $1700 for this beauty and really want it to go to someone that will play the heck out of it. I am located in North County San Diego, so hit me up if you want to look at it in person. I'm a stones through from Los Angeles as well.

    Thanks for looking and keep on creating.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-2017-03-31-11-22-50-jpg   Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-2017-03-31-11-22-50-5-jpg   Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-2017-03-31-11-22-50-4-jpg   Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-2017-03-31-11-22-50-3-jpg   Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-2017-03-31-11-22-50-2-1-jpg  

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    I've got a set of single coils from an AL available if anyone is looking.
    I also have a Sterling HS bass that I am looking to trade for a guitar.

    Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-clngxuncqfxepxrdfepp-jpg
    Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-vr7w8zsgaobabxlbaern-jpg
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    For Sale UK - Stingray Chili Red 2017

    Quick Sale needed, hence silly price 800
    Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-guitar-jpgMusic Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-guitar1-jpg
    Admin , apologies if this is in the wrong place, or contravines any rules that I am unaware of. Please advise if so.

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    Only three tremolo models ever made.The model is an BFR Axis Super Sport with a vintage tremolo. featuring a figured koa top, alder body, mahogany tone block & mahogany neck, and rosewood fret board. There are only three Natural vintage tremolo models made.

    Amazing instrument. Rare. A special guitar . Comes with a custon G&G case a EBMM tremelo arm.

    2600 shipped Con US OBO

    Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-20190327_123548-jpg

    Contact me for more pictures, I am having trouble uploading.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-20190327_123331-jpg  
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    Folks, please keep the number of photos in your F/S post to no more than 5, so as to limit the amount of scrolling people have to do to get through the thread. If people are interested you can share more photos with them directly when they contact you.

    Many thanks!
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    Required reading - Forum Decorum

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    2015 Musicman Majesty in Mystic Dream for sale!

    I have an awesome Majesty I am looking to part with! It does have a couple of flaws(headstock ding, one by pickup selector) but this thing is a beast. Sounds great, action is low and fast, pickups sound incredible and the neck is perfectly straight.

    I always have issues posting photos to threads(I believe it is because my phone), but if you PM me I can send them!

    Also, I do have it posted on Reverb as well, where I have a 100% feedback rating.

    1700+75 shipping(insured and tracked).Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-20190513_094442-jpgMusic Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-20190513_094442-jpg
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    For sale:
    Mint 2012 PDN Honey Roasted JP-7 BFR

    Guitar is in MINT condition except for the one small blemish on the top (as seen in pictures). Everything is stock except the bridge Crunch Lab has been swapped for an Illuminator. Comes with OHC and all case candy/certificate of authenticity.

    Please feel free to reach out with any questions

    $2800 OBO
    No extra shipping cost for forumites!
    Would prefer to keep it CONUS but would ship internationally + the actual shipping cost.

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    EBMM Axis SS SH; EBMM Axis MM90

    Hi All,

    I have two very nice EBMMs for sale. Great guitars but I have a few others that I like better. All prices shipped and Paypalled in the Continental US. All are in excellent condition and include OHSC. The only trades I'm interested in are for an AL SSS or 25th Anniversary. Hardtail and lightweight (less than 7lbs) are musts. (I prefer rosewood boards, too, but an SSS with rosewood is a rare beast, indeed.)

    Happy to send more pictures. Keeping them to a minimum here per forum rules.

    1. EBMM Axis Super Sport Semi-hollow. Black cherry burst. Feather light at a tad over 6lbs. Has trem, which is why I'm selling. The trem is currently blocked but happy to put back to normal if requested. Price: $1600

    2. EBMM Axis MM90. Great guitar with gorgeous top that plays wonderfully. Weighs a hair under 7lbs. MM90s are fun but just not my thing. Price: $1300.

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    I have a 2012 PDN Honeyburst Axis that's been routed for the floyd and finished to match the top. If you don't know about these guitars, SS frets, paul ferro board.

    I'd consider trade for amethyst Axis or JP6.

    Listing on Reverb Ernie Ball Music Man Axis PDN Honey Burst, Price $1,696.

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    Up for sale is a gorgeous Music Man Artisan Majesty with a Viola finish in Mint Condition.

    Price is $2300, will consider offers.

    Please feel free to reach out with any questions!

    Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-img1-jpg Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-img3-jpg

    Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-img4-jpg Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-img5-jpg
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    I have a 2006 JP7 loaded in Desert gold that is a case queen - amazing shape.
    Loaded, Piezo, with OHSC.
    Looking for $1800 or best offer.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-pet-7-body-jpg   Music Man Guitars for Sale or Trade: NO COMMENTS PLEASE!-petrucci-headstock-jpg  
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    1996 Luke 1 in excellent condition and retrofit with a Floyd Rose. $1500, including shipping to the CONUS.

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    I have decided to sell my black Luke 2 or (hopefully) trade for an Axis. Asking $1200 shipped in the CONUS. Only blemish on the Luke is some tiny fret wear.

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