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Thread: Custom Made neck plate?

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    Custom Made neck plate? (Pics inside too!)

    Just got my new Axis today!! My dealer placed an order for one a while back, and forgot about it until it arrived today. Knowing me, he left the box sealed and called me to see if I wanted it. Needless to say, my little butt was at my dealer in record time.

    After thoroughly inspecting it, I noticed the neck plate says "Custom Made". That's the first I've seen that. The only time I've seen "Custom Made" has been on the upgraded top models.

    Are these neck plates standard fare on all EBMM's now? she is...

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    The guitars with the upgraded tops had custom made neckplates. From looking at the pics, I would say that top is an upgrade. Very nice!

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    Killer Guitar Dude !!! That's a pretty mean lookin' top . I like the color too, a nice deep blue.
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    Looks like you could dive right in

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    man that is nice
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    Nice score!

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    congrats dude
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    fantastic top!!
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    Wow! I see a lovely lake there, where's the guitar? Congrats!
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    If you don't want it I'll take it.

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    NO JOKE!! I like the deep blue tint of that guitar. I've never seen one that dark. Totally sharp

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    Wow thats a nice top for sure ! Schweeeeeet Fiddle Bro!
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    That top really is stunning
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    Absolute gorgeous.
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    That's a real beauty

    Enjoy !!
    NY Pug

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