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Thread: how do you pronounce piezo?

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    how do you pronounce piezo?

    I've heard so many people call it different things...

    I say "pee-zo" some people say "pie-zo" and "pay-zo"...

    Does anyone know the actual pronounciation?
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    I'm pretty sure its Pie-zo, but I have heard it pronounced hispanically...

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    it always say :


    * 'yes' without the S
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimothy JP7 View Post
    This is the way I've always heard it pronounced...

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    peee ett zo
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    This is a greek word. It is caled pie-zo. I am greek so I can asure you for that. Piezo meens press in greek language.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smellybum5150 View Post
    peee ett zo
    ditto around here in France
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    I just say "acousticy-sounding-thingamabopple".

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    Geez Jazzbo, where do you keep finding those avatar photos? I might have to change my opinion about Canadians...

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    That's how I say it......well at least i think i do.
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    i say pee-ay-zo, but i'm always told py-zo.
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    This is from Oxford Dictionary. Looks like you are right, Rob.

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    I say pee-ay-zo. But what do I know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by larryandrews View Post
    I say pee-ay-zo. But what do I know.
    Same here.

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