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Thread: Some of you know Porcupine tree???

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    Yep. Should be!
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    Quote Originally Posted by peppermanl2k View Post
    Well, he did on the Deadwing tour but, alas, he has moved to... well, another company.
    My bad! I totally didnt know this.
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    Here's a good review of the album, enjoy.


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    Colin told me himself what he plays!!!!!

    I made a post on the Porcupine Tree forums on yahoo about 2 months ago asking if anybody knew exactly what Colin Edwin's (P. Tree's bassist) rig consisted of, and here is the reply I got:

    Here's what he's got, direct from Colin himself. It's quite long, and
    I know I'm about a week behind with this, but I'm sure some of you
    will still appreciate it.

    "I used a Wal bass (normally my fretless) and a Trace Elliott AH350
    for about 13 years. For the Deadwing tour, I pensioned off my old
    Trace Elliot rig (pretty shabby by now, but it still works!) and got
    the Tech 21 LM300, a very good find I think. Due to age of the Wal, I
    decided not to take it on tour anymore, gear gets trashed ot tour big
    time, so I got myself a Musicman Stingray - as I'd always wanted one.
    However, I was knocked out with the Bongo when I tried one and decided
    to use that instead of the Stingray.
    Some people really don't like Bongo's but I found it very much to my

    Around this time I was introduced to the Spectors, I bought the
    natural wood finish one that I've been playing recently direct from
    the company, and they sent me a longer scale one (ideal for Low
    tuning, the model number is Euro 435LX) as a gift, bless 'em.
    The longer scale one has proved very useful, especially for a lot of
    the new Porcupine Tree material, a longer scale length gives better
    definition on the lower notes, (I tune it C, F, bflat, eflat) and
    both Spectors are very solidly built and have stood up well to the
    rigours of touring, (ahem, so far...... touch wood). The body shape
    took a bit of getting used to for me, but I was impressed by the feel
    and range of possible tones. Spector make great strings too.
    For the new album, I've used the Spectors on all but one track, so I
    suppose that makes me a convert.

    I also have a Basslab bass, these are made out of a tunable composite
    rather than wood, something a bit different, but sometimes that's what
    you need..... it was custom made for me last year.

    I've gone from doing almost everything with just one bass, to having a
    bit of a choice these days.

    Unfortunately , my Tech 21 head got trashed on a European tour by some
    slack local crew, and I decided to change rig. I'm now using EBS
    amplification, it's really great, I'd often used it before on gigs
    where I'd had stuff hired for me, and I've been using their pedals for

    So, I now have a TD650 head and two 4 x 10" Proline neodymium cabs.
    Also, I have a selection of EBS pedals, I'm just experimenting with
    different pedal set-ups right now and haven't settled on what I'll be
    taking on tour yet, it depends on what we decide to play as well of
    I like Roland/Boss gear as well, I used one of their multi effect set
    ups for a while, (the GT6B) it's very convenient having a lot of
    sounds in one box, but I think individual pedals is the way to go really.

    We have our own digital monitor desk these days, my in-ears are just a
    feed from this desk going into a little mixer on my pedal board. I
    don't have the in-ears with preamps in, I'm happy with the basic
    headphone, and of course the moulded earpiece stops your hearing
    getting destroyed. I almost never have ringing ears after gigs these
    days, given that my head is about in line with the cymbals most
    nights, this is pretty good.

    Having explained all my equipment here, I would still say the most
    important thing in the chain is your own touch and feel. Consider
    this, do you think Jaco Pastorius or Charles Mingus or (insert your
    chosen, favourite virtuoso on any instrument here) could pick up a
    cheap instrument and still sound amazing....?

    I'm flattered to have "the best bass sound" the chap in your email has
    ever heard.....getting a consistantly good sound is a challenge, so
    it's very gratifying to hear positive feedback, and bass is not an
    instrument you play to get noticed."

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    By the way.... the new album will kick you in the nads so hard that you will like it!!!!

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    I'm going to see them in Hollywood, CA. Also gonna hit up Six Flags. Should be a fun little trip.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lpcoco View Post
    Is it "Blackfield" a side project?
    Yes, with an israeli musician, his name's Aviv Geffen.
    I saw Steve Wilson just playing acoustic and singing here in TLV in a small pub, awesome gig!
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    lucky guy
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