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Thread: Your Favorite EBMM Dealer

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    Your Favorite EBMM Dealer

    Post your favorite EBMM Dealer.

    I never bought from Dubaldo Music, but I got quotes, and a fast response on my questions.

    So I will say Dubaldo Music is my favorite. When I buy my first Musicman (EBMM Petrucci) , it will be from them
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    Lubaldo Music - For the best deals on all Lernie Lall Letrucci's !?!!

    Ok, Seriously : Colin (We'll do a deal one day Col )
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    Dubaldo Music

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    Pop's Music in Prescott, AZ

    DuBaldo Music Center in Manchester, CT
    I have NEW BALLS!!!!

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    Pete DuBalo of DuBaldo music.

    Don't get any better than that unless they open up a Illinois store that is... Maybe someday.

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    Colin is THE MAN!
    My name is Rob and I'm an AL-coholic!
    The MM90 AL is the most underrated axe on the planet!

    I buy my balls from the number one EBMM dealer in Australia, the all round nice guy and legendary Colin!His website is www.guitarplanet.com.au Give him a call to order your balls!!!!!

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    Ye Olde Music Shop in Charleston, SC!!!!
    AMAZING MUSIC STORE...he doesn't have a large inventory of EBMM's yet, but I'm working on that. Mike's prices are great and he carries AWESOME lines.
    I just ordered an axis SS from him

    check it out! http://www.yeoldemusicshop.com/

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    Very fond of The Guitar Shop in Port Credit and also of Long & McQuade in Mississauga.
    Fan of:
    Dr Z Amps
    EBMM Guitars
    Lizard Leg Effects

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    We don't get a great deal of choice here -
    But for service and CS I gotta say
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    That's easy...the one..the only...a legend in his own time...a legend in his own mind...the famous, I mean infamous...the Ayatollah of rock in rolla...the master of the guitar pic...the pride of Manchester...the only man you want to touch your Balls...he's my dealer...he should be yours...Pete DuBaldo!
    DuBaldo Dominance - You Can't Escape It.



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    But when he's incognito they just call him "Mr Lubaldo".

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    Quote Originally Posted by JMB27 View Post
    Very fond of The Guitar Shop in Port Credit and also of Long & McQuade in Mississauga.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JMB27 View Post
    Very fond of The Guitar Shop in Port Credit and also of Long & McQuade in Mississauga.
    The Family:
    Blue Dawn 2007 LE JP6 [5/16/07]

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    Mr Lubaldo for tax purposes?

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    Dealing with Act One in Vancouver was stellar from start to finish.
    "Gunter Glieben Glauchen Globen"

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    I'm confused. Someone makes a sports car named Steamer? Are they based in Cleveland?

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