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Thread: Do you think petrucci did better than gilmour ?

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    Do you think petrucci did better than gilmour ?

    I sure think so, petrucci did this solo in a very awesome way, too bad those two damned guitarists were in his way.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtAnOuxp17c"]YouTube - john petrucci the best! (comfortably numb solo)[/ame]

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    hmm . . . I'd say it's different but not better. I think Gilmore's version breathes alot more, whereas John's is more mechanical (not in a bad way).

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    good stuff!
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    Petrucci and Gilmour are both phenomenal guitar players and both of them were (and still are) a great influence on my playing.
    However, their playing style is very different and I can't really compare them (and I don't want to).

    When Gilmour plays Pink Floyd solos, that's exactly how those solos should sound. And to tell you the truth, to my ears, no other guitarist in the world can play Pink Floyd stuff and sound like Gilmour.
    The same goes for Petrucci. I'm not saying nobody can play their songs. What I'm trying to say that they are both unique players and play their music exactly the way it should be played and nobody else could do it as good as them.

    I like Petrucci's version and I like Gilmour's version. Gilmour's solo sounds more like Pink Floyd (I know it's a stupid thing to say, because it is Pink Floyd) and John's solo sounds more like Dream Theater.

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    Petrucci's playing does nothing for me - on the other hand Gilmour is brilliant and besides Gilmour wrote the thing -

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    The band I am in recently started playing that song. At first I was adamantly opposed as I knew I would butcher the solo. The last solo in Comfortably Numb has always been my favorite lead guitar moment ever.

    We are playing it now, and I am butchering it, but I am having fun doing it. I can never remember all the notes, so I figure as long as I get a few of them and ad-lib the rest, I should be ok. We plan on saving that for the end of the set so hopefully folks would be too drunk to notice.

    Personally, I like playing Neil Young solos better... those are impossible to screw up.
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    Petrucci is my favorite guitarist ever, but come on... it's Comfortubly Numb!!! The pulse version is my alltime favorite live solo.
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    It's good, but dude it's JP playing Pink Floyd. It sounds like JP no doubt about it and its cool that he is making it his own, but David wrote that and no one is gonna play it better than him because he knows how do play it the David Gilmour way, and the DG way is with a lot of feeling. JP has feeling don't get me wrong but DG has so much that it almost makes you want to cry. David also knows when not to play and thats a very hard thing for most guitarists to do haha
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    that was a great solo, but i prefer Gilmore's version

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    Mr. Gilmour composed, felt, improvised or whatever you want to say, that solo.
    It is his solo. Nobody can ever play it better than him. Not even near.

    Like nobody can play a Dream Theater solo better than Mr. Petrucci.

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    Two of my favorite guitarists but you are comparing apples and oranges and it is not a logical equation, Gilmour is genius at the right touch at the right time without overplaying, John is the master of shread and tone, enough said.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lock-ny View Post
    Petrucci's playing does nothing for me - on the other hand Gilmour is brilliant and besides Gilmour wrote the thing -
    maybe some are just used to the way Gilmour plays it. I think it would be interesting for Gilmour to answer this question.... seeing that he wrote the thing.

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    With all due respect to JP (who is a awesome player)...you cannot say one is better than the other. Gilmour co wrote the lyrics and wrote all the music. Gilmours solo is based on emotion and although not technically flashy...can never be equaled by anyone.

    Like someone said earlier...it's not about being better...they're just different.
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    gilmour any day. i dont know if its tasteful to say so but its what i honestly think. though it is good to see JP not completely playing fast, i do like it when he shows restraint. also nice to see an old clip where he's looking slim!
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    Petrucci he plays EBMM

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