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Thread: WTB Music Man Guitars

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    Sep 2017

    WTB Armada

    Hey! Newbie looking for an armada, figure this is the place to find one. Thanks

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    Aug 2016

    2007 jp6 bfr trans black ...looking for a case!!

    Hi ebmm people, i just recently purchased a 2007 jp6 bfr trans black guitar that was in need of a facelift...needed a few items that i already got coming from mm cs, but it the person i purchased from did not have the case and i would like to have the ebmm bfr case that these guitars come with when you purchase new.

    Any body that might have a extra one or one that they dont need please let me know and thanks so much for any help.

    Btw this is my 3rd ebmm guitar that i own and love all my baby's..

    2007 jp6 bfr trans black
    2008 jp7 blue
    2013 jp13 6 platinum

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    Sep 2017

    LEFT HANDED LUKE in any color.

    LEFT HANDED LUKE in any color.

    Must be stock though.

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    Aug 2004
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    WTB Axis in Sequoia Gold

    I know this is a long shot, but I have always kicked myself for not buying an Axis in Sequoia Gold when EBMM did the limited run. If anyone knows of one for sale, I would definitely be interested. Thanks
    1994 EBMM EVH (Trans Gold)
    2009 EBMM Axis (Black Magic Crystal)
    2012 EBMM Albert Lee HH (Retro Burst)
    2013 EBMM Axis (Black Cherry Burst)
    2016 EBMM Luke III HH (Bodhi Blue)
    2016 Suhr Classic Pro HSS (Sunburst)
    2017 Gibson SG Standard (Pelham Blue)

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    Dec 2016

    Luke 1 Sledge wanted: will pay top dollar.

    Wanted: Luke 1 in Sledge finish. Will pay top dollar! Contact here or valleyarts@live.com. Thanks! B

    Luke 1 - Pearl Red
    Luke 1 - Pearl Blue
    Luke 2 - Pearl Purple
    Luke 2 - Black Sparkle
    Luke 2 - PDN Green Sparkle
    Luke 2 - BFR Trans Purple Quilt
    Luke 2 - PDN Starry Night
    Luke 2 - PDN Starry Night (MH)
    Luke 2 - BFR Island Burst
    Luke 2 - Dargie Delight 1
    Luke 2 - Sapphire Black
    Luke 2 - Sledge
    Luke 2 - Red Pearl
    Luke 2 - BFR True Gold
    Luke 2 - True Gold (MH)
    Luke 2 - Carbon Blue Pearl
    Luke 3 - PDN Tumescent

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    Oct 2017
    Looking for a purple Axis
    or Sterling AX40

    thanks Mike

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    Dec 2004
    Evanton, United Kingdom
    WTB - Axis hard tail or EVH Hard tail - bags of cash waiting - will arrange courier if we are far apart.
    86934 - This EVH was completed on August 29th, 1995. Trans Red.
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    N00363 - This Armada was completed on September 27th, 2013. Mint Green
    G47271 - This 25th Anniversary HH was completed on April 27th, 2009. Venetian Redburst

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    WTB - JP6 case.
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    Ulm, Germany
    WTB reflex case and/or trem bar, preferred from Europe or Germany because of the shipping costs
    blueburst Steve Morse Standard, Jan 03, 2005 pix
    pinkburst Albert Lee, Jul 13, 1994 pix
    cinnamon SUB1, Mar 08, 2004 pix
    vintage gold reflex, June 22, 2011 pix

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    May 2016
    Looking for a Starry Night Valentine. There is one on eBay but the seller doesnt respond to messages. Any where else I could find one?

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    Dec 2017
    Hey guys!
    I am from Germany and I'm searching for a specific Music Man Silhouette. It's the one that Steuart Smith plays with the Eagles. It's a Silhouette with two Humbuckers and a tremolo. I think the colour is Honey Sunburst. Anyone got an idea?
    Thank you!

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    Buy a normal SHS Silo and a new pickguardWTB Music Man Guitars-silo-jpg.. so did I.
    ASS BFR, AL HH, Silo

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    Quote Originally Posted by V_S View Post
    Buy a normal SHS Silo and a new pickguardWTB Music Man Guitars-silo-jpg.. so did I.
    Looks awesome!!!!
    Did you buy a „SUB“ Silhouette or a „real“ Music Man? I‘ve heard that this particular colour is no longer available at ernie ball...

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    Albert Lee SSS with trem


    WTB an Albert Lee SSS with tremolo. I am in Germany - so that's where the guitar has to go to. If it's a fair offer I will of course pay shipping costs from the US or elsewhere. Thanks!

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    Neath, Neath Port Talbot, United Kingdom
    24 fret silo in a bright colour (orange, gold, yellow ,red ), must have a trem, prefer rosewood neck , Piezo would be useful as well but not essential.
    UK Based.
    Jp6,2009 pearl redburst,matching headstock,piezo
    2007 silo sunburst,maple neck.

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