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Thread: WTB Music Man Guitars

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    Silhouette or axis sport

    I'm looking for one of the following:

    Silhouette with floyd, maple board, preferably birdseye. Might be interested in non floyd silos with birdseye maple neck and board. I had one stolen years ago (maple board with floyd) that I'm trying to replace.

    Axis sport in SSS with maple board and trem, if such a thing can be found.


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    EVH/Axis G&G Hardcase

    I am looking for a black tolex G&G hardcase for an EVH or early production Axis. Located in U.K. Maybe you have one to spare that's not being used?

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    WTB Armada

    Hey! Newbie looking for an armada, figure this is the place to find one. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny Alien View Post
    I thought I found one but nope....I am looking for a MM-90 Axis Sport (not Super) with a rosewood fretboard and preferably a trem.
    Still actively looking for one of these. I would entertain SSS and possibly HH as well but MM-90 is my first choice.

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    2007 jp6 bfr trans black ...looking for a case!!

    Hi ebmm people, i just recently purchased a 2007 jp6 bfr trans black guitar that was in need of a facelift...needed a few items that i already got coming from mm cs, but it the person i purchased from did not have the case and i would like to have the ebmm bfr case that these guitars come with when you purchase new.

    Any body that might have a extra one or one that they dont need please let me know and thanks so much for any help.

    Btw this is my 3rd ebmm guitar that i own and love all my baby's..

    2007 jp6 bfr trans black
    2008 jp7 blue
    2013 jp13 6 platinum

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