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Thread: WTB Music Man Guitars

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    Hi All,

    I'm looking for an AL SSS. Color not terribly important but weight (less than 7lbs) and bridge (hardtail) are. Rosewood fingerboard and/or neck would be a bonus but I understand how rare those variants are for this model. Thanks in advance.
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    WTB EBMM Body

    Hi.. looking for an EBMM body. I have an older USA made Sub 1 and want to put the neck on a solid wood body with or without bridge and pups.


    -hard tail but I'll consider trem routing as long as it's NOT a Floyd Rose.

    -Humbucker x2 but am open to other configurations

    Although I really like the Axis bodies, just about any will do. My main concern is that I want something with a nice top.

    PM with details/pics.


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    Interested in the following:

    Luke III - black would be cool if I could find it.

    Axis sport - sss or ssh with trem. Preference toward necks with some Birdseye or figuring on the board.

    Silhouette with floyd and Birdseye maple neck. I'd also be interested in non floyd silos and silo specs in unusual colors. Standard colors are fine if they are the older ones with more figured necks. No hardtails, please. I'm located in the US.

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    Would love to get my hands on an Armada...color not super important. Definitely can't spend 2-3k like the very few on the bay...
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    interested in a starry night Stingray guitar or Luke III if anyone is looking to offload one.

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    WTB: Silhouette

    Needs to be 24 fret, rosewood, 2 post trem,Bright colour
    Needs to be uk or eu.
    PM Me please
    Jp6,2009 pearl redburst,matching headstock,piezo
    2007 silo sunburst,maple neck.

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    I am still on the search for a axis sport s/s/s. I know there isnt many of them out there but if anyone see's one please let me know. I have been searching for years for one.
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    WTB CrunchLab/Liquifire 7 Set

    Hey guys, Does anyone happen to have a CrunchLab/Liquifire set for a EBMM 7 stringer they would be willing to sell?

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    WTB: EBMM EVH Trans Amber Quilt.

    Been searching for the right one for a while. Let me know if you can help, thank you!

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