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Thread: WTB Music Man Guitars

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    1. JP7 in lava gold/orange (I think that’s what it’s called??)

    2. JP15

    3. Albert Lee HH in orange sparkle / crush.
    Just missed a deal recently on Reverb in mint condition at an amazing price and looking for this here!!
    D.O.B 03 JAN 2007

    D.O.B 16 MARCH 2010

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    Hi All,

    Looking for a Silhouette Special HSS. Must be a hardtail and have a rosewood fingerboard.

    Thanks in advance.

    Silhouette (2007), Sunburst
    25th Anniversary Hardtail (2009)
    AL HH (2011), Black
    AL SSS (1994) Pinkburst

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    Looking for a Silouette Special loaded pickguard.. any color not fussy .. let me know what you have thanks..

    Silhouette Special Pearl Blue rosewood, hardtail
    Silhouette Special Candy Apple Red, rosewood hardtail
    Silhouette Special in Carbon Blue Pearl maple neck tremolo
    Sub 1 Black hardail Routed SS style
    Sub 1 Graphite tremolo Routed SS style
    Sub 1 Pearl Blue hardtail, now with BGPups Pure 90's
    Sub 1 Cinnamon hardtail Routed SS style
    Handwired '65 Princeton Reverb Head with Hoffman turret board
    2 x 12 cab (Celestion and Weber)
    Best radio station in USA

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    Looking for a Axis in red/blue/green/pink/purple under $1400.
    1997 Gibson Les Paul Classic
    1997 Ibanez RG570
    2012 EBMM Luke 2
    1996 PRS Standard maple top

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    Looking for an Axis Sport ( not the Super Sport) with MM-90s. Rosewood board. Any color that isn't a burst as I already have an AS in a burst. Hardtail or problem either way. Let me know if you have anything!

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