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Thread: WTB Music Man Guitars

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    Well, Iím back to the place where I can pick up another 25th Anniversary.

    Maple neck or BFR all rosewood only.

    Would prefer maple/trem version
    25th Anniversary January 8, 2010 Dargie Delight 2 From the Vault

    Gone but not forgotten...
    25th Anniversary May 6th, 2009
    Steve Morse Dark Lord May 6th, 2013

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    Long-term searching for something that has a nice green finish. Prefer an older JP model but will also consider a Majesty.

    EDIT: Only looking for JPs or Majesties now

    EDIT2: Mystic Dream is perfectly adequate
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    2007 JP6 Stealth Black
    2013 JPX-7 Barolo

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    Hello everyone is anyone selling a JPXI ?
    2005-JP6 RED PEARL
    2015-JP15 BLUEBERRY BURST (#57-300)

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    Looking for an Albert Lee HH or Axis Super Sport. Prefer something different than the most common colors but let me know what you have. Piezo is ok. Located in USA. Thanks.

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    WTB :
    Spring cavity cover for a luke111, also need
    Screws and a 25K push push pot for the same,
    Can't get one locally at the moment!
    Let me know if you have such things.
    Jp6,2009 pearl redburst,matching headstock,piezo
    2007 silo sunburst,maple neck.

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    Looking for a Valentine Trem in Husker Red. Please let me know if you're looking to sell. Thanks!

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    Looking for a 2004 JP6 and would be very interested in one made in March or July of 2004 (year is very specific for sentimental reasons). Located in USA. Thanks!

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    Help an old knucklehead find one of his dream guitars:

    WTB Axis Sport Mm90 Trem.

    The old sport (non super sport) with mm90. Trem preferred but hard tail is fine. I know this is a hard one to find, but if anyone has one for sale or has leads. Please let me know!
    EBMM 25th Anniversary - Venetian Redburst - "Valentine" , Flamed, Rosewood FB, Hardtail. Born 08/05/09

    WTB Axis Sport MM90. Pm me!

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    Looking for the single coil from a Y2D, if anyone decides to replace their pickups.

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    Hi there! Searching for a Polaris White St. Vincentó would prefer HHH, but Iíd also go for an HH. Please let me know if youíre looking to sell- thanks!!

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    Looking for Axis super sport BFR buckeye and all other finishes!! AL BFR in sparkle Green foam (HSS) and AL BFR in crushed orange.

    Thank you and keep rocking!!
    D.O.B 03 JAN 2007

    D.O.B 16 MARCH 2010

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    Continuing the search for:
    Blue Dawn Silhouette Hard-tail with rosewood (or ebony) fretboard.

    PLEASE DM me if you have, would like to sell, or know of one for sale.

    (Not looking for a Silhouette Special at this time.)
    Hiking, surfing, motorcycles and music...

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    2006 Silhouette Special Hardtail - Black
    2012 SBMM Silo20 - Black
    2005(?) OLP MM4 - Blue Sparkle

    2019 Majesty - Enchanted Green
    2018 SBMM Majesty - Stealth Black

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tescot View Post
    Continuing the search for:
    Blue Dawn Silhouette Hard-tail with rosewood (or ebony) fretboard.
    Blue Dawn never came with an Ebony fret board, maple or rosewood.

    Glenn |B)
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    Silhouette Special SSS in the first Fuschia Sparkle (Hardtail) [1/01/2002] [2001 NAMM piece, 1 of a kind from CLB]
    Silhouette Special HSS in Gold Sparkle (Hardtail) [7/12/2002] [Made for Matchbox 20]
    Albert Lee 3 MM90's in White Sparkle (Hardtail) [8/14/2001] [NOS Just pure awesomeness]
    Albert Lee HH in Black Sugar (Hartail) [1/06/2011] [BFR with the 12th fret logo]

    Like BP said in the Chapman video "You've got a room full of guitars, and no money!! @ 6:00"

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    This will be a TOTAL shot in the dark, but a few years back I purchased Ernie's JP7 Dargie delight 1st edition. I had to sell due to hardships (ugh), but would like to see about getting one again. I know another member here has one. So if it's for sale, I'd be interested.

    That, or a JP15-7 in the blood orange burst.
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    Looking for a Cutlass HSS in Butter Cream.

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