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Thread: WTB Music Man Guitars

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    Looking for a Silouette Special loaded pickguard.. any color not fussy .. let me know what you have thanks..

    Silhouette Special Pearl Blue rosewood, hardtail
    Silhouette Special Candy Apple Red, rosewood hardtail
    Silhouette Special in Carbon Blue Pearl maple neck tremolo
    Sub 1 Graphite tremolo Routed SS style
    Sub 1 Pearl Blue hardtail, now with BGPups Pure 90's
    Sub 1 Cinnamon hardtail Routed SS style
    Handwired '65 Princeton Reverb Head with Hoffman turret board
    2 x 12 cab (Celestion and Weber)
    Best radio station in local area]

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    Looking for a Axis in red/blue/green/pink/purple under $1400.
    1997 Gibson Les Paul Classic
    1997 Ibanez RG570
    2001 Music Man Axis
    1993 Fender Telecaster
    1999 Fender Stratocaster
    2018 Charvel DK24

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    Hi all, Merry Christmas for starters.
    I know it is a stretch as not too many were manufactured, but does anyone have a 20th anniversary Silhouette up for grabs that has both piezo and tremolo with a rosewood fretboard? Another option would be an ASS that has both the tremolo and the piezo with rosewood fretboard. I am really fond of my 20th ann Sil but it does not have the piezo while my ASS has the piezo and not the tremolo. The latter cannot be ordered anymore if I interpreted the information on the website correctly.
    Please bear in mind that I live in Belgium, so would require shipment to Europe.
    Thanks for reading, Tom.
    EBMM Axis Super Sport, Pacific Blue Burst, matching headstock, HH standard with piezo
    EBMM 20th Ann Sil Tremolo flame top

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    I find myself lusting after a Luke 1. As “players grade” and cheap as possible; and I don’t care if it’s blue or red...

    As I’m located in the EU it’ll probably have to be shipped as well.

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    Time for my regular post for a Musicman reflex or 25th, must be rosewood board, must not be a game changer, ideally the hard tail, but trem option would be considered, UK would be preferred but Europe and USA also welcome if you're willing to ship.

    Colour not huge importance, but not-black would be a bonus, but open to anything, love to maybe see a BFR option ?

    what do you have for sale.

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