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Thread: WTB Music Man Guitars

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    I'm looking for a used Stingray Guitar with white finish with maple neck/fretboard. As long as it's fully playable with no fret, wiring, mechanical or structural defects, some finish issues are OK (scuffs, scratches, dings).

    I have lots of feedback on Reverb and eBay selling and buying gear (mostly selling). Thanks! Located in Massachusetts.

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    WTB Musicman Cutlass Pickups - if anyone has changed from stock and wants to sell the originals I’m interested
    Albert Lee HH - White
    Cutlas SSS - Ivory White
    St Vincent - BFR Trans Gold
    American Vintage 59 Strat - Sherwood Green

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    Hi im looking to buy a Bodhi blue HH Luke 3 - Im based in the UK, thanks

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    Looking for a Axis around $1K. Prefer any color other than gold or natural. In Charlotte NC.
    1991 Gibson Les Paul Studio
    Peavey Wolfgang Special
    Luke 2 - Radiance Red (April 21, 2004)
    Takamine EF341SC

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    WTB: EBMM Reflex or 25th Anniversary

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm looking for an EBMM Reflex or 25th Anniversary. Maybe even a 20th Anniversary Silo. Hardtail and rosewood board a must. Thanks in advance.

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    Want to Trade,

    New black tone, volume and 5 way switch knob for same in white.
    My new Silhouette is black on black so I want to create a tuxedo look.

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    Hey all, I’m looking to buy a Starry Night St. Vincent (preferably with matching headstock). Please let me know if you have a lead.

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    Hi Folks I'm looking for a Luke 1 in good condition. I'm based in the UK.

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    Looking for a Luke III - HSS. Hit me up with a PM if you have one available. Thanks!

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    Looking for an AL HxH PDN in Neptune Blue. I saw one on eBay a few months back and lost it by $25....

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    Wtb silhouette with floyd and Birdseye maple neck.

    My first guitar was a seafoam/surf green silo with a floyd. Long ago stolen. I'd like to find one similar to it for old times sake. Please let me know what you've got.


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    Looking for a hard case for an EBMM Axis Sport.
    Also on the hunt for a possible trade? I'm looking for an Axis Sport with SSS configuration.

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    Hey kids!

    Looking for a hard case for my 96 Silo. PM me if you have an extra case you are willing/want to part with!



    AXIS | 2012 | TRIBUTE | Purple
    AXIS | 2012 | PDN | Honeyburst
    AXIS | 2014 | PDN | BFR | Neptune Blue
    AXIS | 2014 | PDN | MM90 | Neptune Blue

    AXIS | 2016 | PDN | Starry Night
    AXIS | 2014 | Honey Burst | All Rosewood Neck

    SILO | 1996 | Trans Teal | Floyd Rose | Recessed Neckplate
    SILO Special | 2012 | PDN | Trem | Honeyburst
    20TH Anny SILO #1 | Hardtail
    20TH Anny SILO #2 | Hardtail

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    Looking for a Silent Circuit or two. If you have one you're no longer using, drop me a line. Thanks.

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