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Thread: WTB Music Man Guitars

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    Hi All,

    I know I'm an infrequent visitor in these parts I recall seeing a very cool Green Sparkle refinished Luke 1 on the forum a few years ago - it had a lovely big flake in the finish, and a crack in the back of the neck at the Floyd nut bolts.

    Is that guitar still around? If so I'd be very grateful if the owner would drop me a line.

    Best wishes,
    1996 EBMM -Silhouette HSH Floyd - Trans Teal.
    Lots of USA Hamers.
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    Hello from Canada,

    im on the market to put hand on musicman guitar. im restarting playing i had 2 silho, 1 morse and 1 axis ss. i realy liked them. show me what you have

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    WTB: Hardtail AL SSS With Rosewood Neck

    Hi All,

    Looking for a hardtail AL SSS with rosewood neck. Color not important but it has to be a hardtail. Thanks in advance.
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    I'm looking to buy a Music Man 25th anniversary. I would prefer hardtail/rosewood but let me know what configuration you have! Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sscalera2 View Post

    I'm looking to buy a Music Man 25th anniversary. I would prefer hardtail/rosewood but let me know what configuration you have! Thanks!
    There's one at The Gear Page (not mine -- just remember seeing it) --

    FSOT - Ernie Ball Music Man 25th Anniverary - Ball Family Reserve - Rosewood Neck - $ 1,999 shipped (Continental US) | The Gear Page
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    WTB: Looking for a real, documented Opaque Black EBMM EVH signature. Yes, I know there are only 12. Maybe someone here has one or knows someone that has one. Finder's fee paid. gilaguitars AT sbcglobal DOT net Thanks.


    Always buying clean Musicman EVH signature guitars!!!

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    Hi all,

    Looking for an EVH Music Man Opaque Black guitar. I know they're extremely rare, but have always wanted one and now feels like the right time to try my luck. Please PM me if anyone has any leads


    Music Man JP Majesty Artisan Azuro
    Music Man Eddie Van Halen 1992
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    Sell me your luke true gold

    Anybody looking to part with their true gold luke?

    Iím in uk. Happy for courier to ship.


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    Looking for an Axis Sport guitar. Not the Super Sport the older ash body Sports model. HH or HSS would work. Just need a H in the bridge. Rosewood fretboard. Prefer a trem but honestly don't really care either way. Anyone?

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    WTB: John Petrucci 7 string with the original pickup set!

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