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    Most versatile MusicMan...

    What is the most versatile MM? And what is each guitar's individual strengths?
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    It's probably not fair for me to post since I haven't played all the MM guitars.

    But I'll put my 2 cents in for the Axis Super Sport. You can get great humbucker rock from high gain modern to classic 70's with it, get good Tele type tones as well as good Strat type tones. Also it's a nice playing guitar.

    If you can live without a Floyd Rose, it's a hard guitar to beat.

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    Has to be the Steve Morse without a doubt. It has the most different pickup combinations, as well as the fact that it can be ordered with a Floyd Rose trem. The stock version has a stop bar tail piece.

    I personally don't care for the tone of the bridge humbucker, but it is definately the most versitile.

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    Just for fun I figured out that my piezo silo with EMG's and my switching system has 23 different pickup combinations.
    They are:
    With the five way switch
    The Bridge activation switch adds
    Then the push pull volume changes the neck pup to a humbucker adding to the five way
    The bridge activation and the push pull together give me
    Then I could add the piezo to any of these to get
    Or the piezo by itself
    I should get a life
    Piezo Silo with EMG's

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    Okay, I vote for Norm's custom... Norm Wins!!

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    I would vote for Norm's custom. You must look like a River dancer trying to find your pup selection on stage! LOL....

    Versatile? I think you are still having problems deciding on which one to pick. It is a tough decision. You can follow what I told you before and see what happens.

    For me, the Petrucci. I have two and they do what I want. What exactly do you want to do? I have one tuned to dropped D and the other 1/2 step down. Both work wonderfully for me.

    I have tried the Axis....that is a smoking axe for sure. I just did not like the maple neck. Not that the neck itself was bad, I just prefer rosewood. I must say, that the Axis can really do any style of music you may be into. I have seen it in rock, metal, country and blues players hands. I cannot recall seeing the other models in all those categories. So, the Axis in all fairness would be a very versatile guitar in my opinion.

    The Morse guitar....equally as versatile.

    Try them all if you can. Try them 100 times each if need be. You will know which one you like. Let your "ears" see and you hands feel to help you make your decision. Then you will have to post "What color should I get?" Good luck.
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    Holy Jeebus! That's crazy! a 3 way switch is enough for me lol....I mean I DO have hands!
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