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Thread: What model Dimarzio humbucker is used in the Silhouette Special?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5Stringer View Post
    Depends on the build date of the guitar, we have gone through a few pickup changes on that guitar. In fact, the very first Silhouettes used Schaller pickups (bet most of you didn't know that!).

    Opps... sorry. This one has a reg no. of: 621972. The white pups have black bobbins, which look like PAF pros to me...

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    That would fit. Those should be the original PAF Pros we had used for a long time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 5Stringer View Post
    With the vintage style, we were just sort of going for a late 60's early 70's vibe - that sort of encompassed a few different guitars of the era. The logical thing would be that we were going for a Les Paul sound, but there was some other Gibson guitars influence there as well. Think Clapton with Cream.
    If this refers to the older Silo Special buckers, I'd say this describes the vintage vibe well. There's definitely shades of that midrange Page LP vibe. If the pup was in the neck position, I'd think it'd do the sunshine of your love thing. In the bridge, it's tighter focused, more like the white room solo, even without the wha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5Stringer View Post
    That would fit. Those shoud be the original PAF Pros we had used fof a long time.
    I thought so... thanks for confirming! No wonder I don't really like the tone. Heh...

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    I recently acquired my second 1991 6-bolt Silhouette HSH. I really love the sound of the original DiMarzio's, but wanted to see if I could improve on it with Seymour Duncans. I put a SH-1 '59 in the neck, a generic single coil tallboy in the middle, and a Pearly Gates Plus in the bridge. I prefer the sound of the stock neck and middle pickups, but the PGP just KICKS BUTT in the bridge.

    The Special has the Silent Circuit and a really gnarly 5-way super switch to go with it. Supposedly the Silent Circuit is only in play when only one single coil is engaged, but I don't have the circuit analysis ability to figure it out.

    There is one other key difference. I used 500K pots for volume and tone. These tend to make the pickups a little brighter as the resistance to ground (load) is less.

    Before you plug in your soldering iron make lots of clear pictures and notes about what is wired to what terminal of everything.

    Good luck.


    I realize that the Silo and Silo Special aren't exactly the same guitar, but I was really impressed with the Seymour under the bridge. I like the classic PAF sound and

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    Quote Originally Posted by candid_x View Post
    On another note, I like the humbucker better in my rosewood board SS than in my maple board SS, which is another reason why I've chosen to convert my maple board one to SSS.
    I am interested in trading my SSS for an HSS.

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    Just pickguards

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    Quote Originally Posted by dojo View Post
    I am interested in trading my SSS for an HSS.
    I'm pretty sure I'll be selling my HSS when my SSS comes in, it's already on it way to me. It's black perloid with black p'ups, trem model with back plate, so it should look great on your red one, I think. You can see it in my avatar, and I'll be happy to send pictures if you're interested. The price will be reasonable, under $200. IM me if you're interested.

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    Are you interested in trading that for another SSS pickguard?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5Stringer View Post
    Just to clear up a little about pickups in the Silhouette Special - When the guitar was first introduced in 1995, we used all custom-wound DiMarzios with an emphasis on vintage, which was the vibe we were going for on the whole guitar. Later, in the latter part of 2003, we switched the humbucker to a Virtual PAF, which is still in use today. The single-coils remain the same as the originals.

    Is there a way to visually distinquish the custom-wound from the Virtual PAF? One way or the other it sounds killer, I am just curious though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dojo View Post
    Are you interested in trading that for another SSS pickguard?
    Thanks but no. Want to keep one as HSS.

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    Splitting the humbucker - Silhouette Special

    Hi guys

    I was wondering of any of you have any experience with splitting the humbucker of a silhouette special. Is it cool or a no go?

    My Silhouette Special has serial number G19659. Don't know the type of the humbucker for that production year. Is that the Virtual paf?

    Thank you and best regards

    Duncan loaded Silhouette Special

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    I put the Dimarzio AT-1 and could not be happer with it. I liked the Duncan Pearly Gates in a few strats I have played

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    I've been considering doing the same thing. I already swapped out the Sil Spec neck pickup with a DiMarzio cruiser with fantastic results. The problem I'm having is that when I go back and forth between the axis and sil spec at gigs, the gain drop is so significant, that I have to tweak the amp every time I switch. Norton sounds like a good replacement. The only thing stopping me is that every time I record with the sil spec, it blows everything else away. That bridge pickup just has a nice character that sits in a mix very well. Even when working on other people's music, they always prefer the sound of that sil special. Especially for rhythm guitar parts.
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    I'm not a big fan of the Virtual PAF for clean work, (I'd like more treble to balance better with the single coils). Splitting the coils or putting it in parallel mode is something I'll look into at some point in the future. So, to answer Jeppet's question, yes, it's possible, only your ears can decide if you'll like it or not. If ever I try it out, I'll record some samples but it may not be for a week or two yet (if I decide to do it at all).

    Having said that, the more distortion you give that humbucker, the more it SINGS! It's an astonishing, beautiful thing!

    BTW, Jeppe, you should post your serial number to the serial number thread and ask them when it left the factory and what the stock humbucker was.
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