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Thread: What model Dimarzio humbucker is used in the Silhouette Special?

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    It's really a matter of preference, but I personally did not like the Virtual PAF all that much for what I like to play. It sounds kind of thin and weak to my ears. I changed it to an Air Zone and the two singles to Fast Track 1s. Basically more of a rock machine, but it is very versatile. I never use the bridge pickup for clean work...sounds better either split with a middle single, or sounds pretty nice with the humbucker in parallel with the middle stacked single (FT1) the way I have it now. Either way, the Silo Special is a great guitar all around and it is very mod friendly.
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    I thought it was just a reg paf pro
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    Looks like I'm 14 years late to the party! I just yesterday picked up an Indonesian made Sterling Sub Series Silhouette that's had Dimarzio pickups installed (Tone Zone, Air Norton and Fast Track). Did this model come with some sort of proprietary Dimarzios? Any way to tell how old it may be? It seems pretty new to me.

    What model Dimarzio humbucker is used in the Silhouette Special?-151650029_4109067009112712_7709445186632390193_n-jpg

    What model Dimarzio humbucker is used in the Silhouette Special?-151744255_4109066982446048_4740086945925329261_n-jpg

    What model Dimarzio humbucker is used in the Silhouette Special?-151799439_4109066909112722_3685353775493375759_n-jpg

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    Holy Thread Resurrections!!!!

    For the Sterling By Music Man line, they do not track serial numbers. As for the pickup type I don't believe they were proprietary, but you could email they for more info.

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    Virtual PAFs are amazing pups...just put a set in an SbMM Axis. The comment on "singing" lead tone...YES SIR...truly amazing!
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