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Thread: O/T: Just got Leopard OS X 10.5

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    O/T: Just got Leopard OS X 10.5

    Totally different than Tiger. I know BP is a Mac user. Who else?

    So glad I made the switch from PC a year ago

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    Long time mac user here. I'll be switching to over to leopard soon.

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    Just installed last night. There are a ton of new features, and I noticed the OS feels alot snappier than Tiger. Very happy with it so far.
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    I'm probably going to switch to Mac next year. I only use my computer for internet, email, music, and photos. I want to start doing some home recording, and Grage Band sounds like the perfect springboard.
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    ive been using macs fir awhile love em.....ill b gettin leopard within the week
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    I almost bought a 5 seat liscense on amazon today but wanted to go to the mac store here and check it out....
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    BP I'll let you try it here if you bring me something from the vault to try ... On a side note. I bought the VGA adapter for my MacBook when I was at the Apple Store buying Leopard... What a difference My 22" Samsung monitor running at 1680x1050 makes Its like a whole new computer. Can't wait for my 2gigs of memory to come from Crucial either.

    /end nerd rant

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    Oh and I think Time Machine is the greatest thing since sliced bread... Boot Camp is up there too.

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    I'll switch to a i mac 20" in 10 days With Leopard
    bye bye Windows

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    Got my first Mac, this MacBook, in May. Will never go back to a PC. If Leopard is as good as you guys are saying it is, I will be switching over soon.

    Highly advise a MacBook for everyone! It's awesome!
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    I've been using Macintosh since 1987. I'll buy OS X 10.5, but I'll wait a few months, let them work out some bugs first.
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    Another Mac user here. I'm going to try to hold out on iPhone (maybe), new iMac, and Leopard until after MacWorld early next year.
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    I fear my Powerbook may be crippled by it!
    decision being what first a new ball or a new mac?

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    new ball fanboy!
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    Please contact customer service prior to posting instrument issues
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Poppa View Post
    new ball fanboy!
    haha guess i deserved that eh BP!

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