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Thread: Hello All.. New member & owner here..

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    Thumbs up Hello All.. New member & owner here..

    Just wanted to drop by and say Hello to everyone.

    Also, I just bought a new EBMM Axis Super Sport with the Rosewood neck & bookmatched rosewood top & was wondering if I could get a 'born on' date for it as well. If someone could please let me know who/which forum that would be most appropriate for I would be grateful.

    Well, here's to a beautiful start! So far I am really loving this guitar.. very good sounds from the pups & the balance and feel is TOP NOTCH. Very impressed,, haven't really played many EBMMs before but so far I like what I am feeling, seeing, and hearing.

    Am also curious about what pups are in it, I've read they are Custom Dimarzios... anyone know what they are close to or comprised of coilwise? Thanks!

    Anyways, peace gentlemen & ladies if there are any here
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    Welcome m8!!!! got any pics?

    yea i think there custom.

    last time i checked my morse has Custom Dimarzios

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    Sorry, no pics of my actual axe.. I still need to get a digital camera but haven't really had to need for 1 yet.. other than to take pics of my 'children'(axes, amp, etc)... lol and that alone doesn't justify a few hundred on a digi-cam imo.

    but there are some available on the net of the model itself..

    It's a lovely guitar really & sounds & plays amazing. I do own several other guitars: a few Ibanez, an ESP, an old Charvel, and a couple Squiers as far as electrics go, as well as a Peavey & Gibson Acoustic.

    But this is my first real experience with an EBMM. So far I am really diggin' it!

    I know that the Steve Morse axes have Dimarzios in them,, but they are now his own custom sig. pup if Im not mistaken. These are supposedly 'custom' entirely, so I figured they were either mashups of other models or something entirely new that doesn't have a 'public' name(yet)... And was ust curious if anyone knew any specifics. Thanks so much for the pleasant greeting tho!

    Well,, cheers. I'm off to eat some pizza.

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    User Info Menu well i hope you enjoy your stay, i did

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    I've been staring at pictures of those guitars and drooling endlessly.

    Welcome, friend!

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    Welocme to the forums! Can't wait to see pics. Stick around, we have lots of fun around here!
    Lefty JP6 BFR Cherryburst (Born 12-30-09)

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    welcome...your adiction is starting on a high note those rosewoods are great
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    Please dont add me as a friend on life is an open book here as it is.

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    Ya, I liked the 'look' of the OLP models... and that started my interest in them.. but most of my other guitars were already 'better' or more valuable etc etc.. and I wasn't in the market or had the need at the time.. but I would have liked to own 1 of the JP OLP models as they had such truly similar features as the original-namely the arm cutaway part which looked insanely comfortable... but they were pretty much non-existant in my neck of the woods so meh.
    But this guitar just spoke to me... and it looks gorgeous on top of that. 2 of my Ibanez have figured tops and this was also topped with wood but in a different way so that was also an attraction-just simple straight grained wood,, but rosewood for a little but of "oh la la.." lol and the price was super, just couldn't help myself.

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    Rosewood Axis guitars are the bomb. Nice introduction to Ernie Ball Music Man. I got my Rosewood a couple of months ago from GC. I too got a great price for an unbelievable guitar. I'm even considering getting another one to swap out the neck on my Axis Sport! Without doubt, for me, the best neck I've ever played.

    Check out the FAQs...

    "How can I find the DOB of my bass?

    A: One of the sticky threads at the top of the forum contains a link to a fairly extensive collection of serial numbers which will help you date your bass. You can also post a thread here and one of the company reps will give you an exact DOB." You'll get the exact DOB....
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    Howdy Cliff,

    Now go grab the gee-tar, time to work off some of that pizza!!

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    Welcome! Rosewood Super Sports are awesome.
    My name is Rob and I'm an AL-coholic!
    The MM90 AL is the most underrated axe on the planet!

    I buy my balls from the number one EBMM dealer in Australia, the all round nice guy and legendary Colin!His website is Give him a call to order your balls!!!!!

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    Welcome to the forum - make sure you try out an Albert Lee sig guitar too!
    Black Cherry Burst Albert Lee , SSS,Trem & Piezo 2005
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    Fender Jaguar Modern - P90's

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    welcome to the forum

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    welcome Lord Cliffton!

    I do believe I recognize your name from another guitar forum.

    This is the best of them all.
    "If you bend a string and you don't make a face; it's like eating food without tasting it." - Paul Gilbert

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