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Thread: EBMM EVH.. worth it?

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    EBMM EVH.. worth it?

    Hey all.. I've read varying degrees of comments on this topic here. But I have to ask anyway. I have a chance to buy a Red EVH locally from a friend. It's SUPER clean. Like 9.5/10.. case to. The top sucks BAD, and the neck has unusual amount of birdseye all over it. The front of the neck is loaded with it too. it's crazy. he feels he can get more for it than he's offering it to me, which is $2K.

    It looks kinda like this, only with a bit better quilt. This one looks like it has a lot of birdseye too:

    But heck.. you can darn near buy a used Axis and a used JP6 for that kind of coin. Both of which I'd like to have!

    Here is what this guy said about the Axis vs. the EVH:

    How does the cheaper Ernie Ball Axis compare to it's predecessor the Music Man EVH?

    - That is what I asked Rollie Delgado who was head guitar tech at Ernie Ball from 1991 to 2000 and worked on most of these guitars. Here is what he said: "The only differences between the Axis and the EVH signature are: The pickup switch was moved from the horn to down next to the volume knob; The axis also has a body bevel on the back, which the EVH does not; The neck width above the twelfth fret is also slightly wider on the AXIS. Pickups are the same as the EVH. Finally, The electronics routing on the AXIS is also a little different. If you look on the back of both and compare, the cavities are different. Other than that they are the same, same tone and feel. And the AXIS is much cheaper!"

    Now, does this mean that the EVH is bright and sterile? Is the Axis warmer sounding? Is the EVH the one trick pony I've heard it is? Do the necks REALLY feel that much alike? And did they get rid of that special EVH neck profile that was scanned from his Frankenstein, or did they keep it and make it slightly wider at the 12th fret?

    These are questions that i just HAVE TO KNOW. Because I once owned an ASS that I had to sell at the time, and didn't want to. And I found it really really awesome. I don't really want an Axis or any guitar w/ a Floyd, but considering how cool or collectible the VH model is, I'd maybe do it. I'm not interested in hanging it on a wall though. I'm gonna play the sucker!!!

    So, go for a used ASS, then pick up a used JP6 down the line? (I'm sure most would say YES!!!), or maybe just get ONE nice JP6 and be done, or avoid the JP6 all together. I know a lot of you like them. But I haven't read yet how "versatile" they are.

    Oh, and for the record.. I bought Don Mullen's KILLER BFT Luke.. it should be here next week!

    Inquiring minds HAVE TO KNOW!!


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    Haha, thats funny, I photoshopped that guitar a while ago. But I dont know, I would say if you have played it, and like it, go for it.

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    The Axis basically is the EVH minus his signature plus a few helpful changes.

    Such as...
    1) Belly contour added
    2) The neck was widened slightly 1/32" to help with the string slippage
    3) Switch was relocated

    Personally I would buy a Axis and save the left over money for another Ball

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    I would buy an Axis. I would buy the EVH if you want to collect an EVH. If you are a player who just wants to play an awesome EB instrument and don't care if the headstock reads Eddie Van Halen or not... just get an Axis or ASS!
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    So, the strings "slip off the neck" on the EVH's then? Also, does that mean the original scan of Ed's Frankenstien neck is the same that is on the Axis, but with it a tad wider at the 12th fret on up? Or is it just a "similar neck" to Ed's original?



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    Btw... I could care less that it says EVH on it! I just remember the first time I picked up an EVH (which was the first EBMM I'd ever played), and thought the neck was the best I'd ever felt. I've held a LOT of necks since then though, and the neck on the ASS i had was a dream too.

    I guess when you get down to it, just how much better does a neck make you play? Not much. The ASS was a dream, so why spend twice as much on the same thing? I take it that is what you guys are saying. Makes good sense.


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    I have played both. I can't really tell the difference. Maybe someone more technically skilled than me could but not me. Both are great axes but to me the Axis is a better value.

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    the axis is definitely a better you said you could get 2 EBMM's for that price....and if you're not a fan of the locking trem....AND you don't care about the signature....well, I think you just made up your mind....
    check it out!

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    It's certainly not a bad guitar to own and if it's in good condition. The EVH prices seemed to have leveled recently. That may have something to do with the high quality that continually comes out of SLO
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    Ive owned both and still own axis guitars, its not worth the extra coin at this point, maybe in 20 or 30 years like an old strat or paul, but if oyu want someting you can paly and beat up now grab the axis and maybe a sio special, if oyu wnat something to collect and hang on to and take good care of then grab the EVH, I ve seen them go for round 1500 at times sometimes -

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    I have about 50 EVH's and if price is no object...grab an Axis. It's basically the same guitar but with a better toggle position and belly cut. Plus you can pick and choose the right Axis where EVH's are hard to come by.

    Always buying clean Musicman EVH signature guitars!!!

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    my money would go to an axis.
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    I have an ASS and an EVH. Both are sex with strings!!!!! I slightly prefer the feel of my ASS (!), but the top on my EVH realy sux.

    Get an axis better value.

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    I think it really depends on what you are looking for.

    If you want the better playing guitar, I would recommend the Axis option...and a "used" Axis is definitely better value guitar from a players perspective.

    But the EVH is one of those very limited and rare guitars that because of its association it has shown some appreciable value and I believe that $2k right now is not a bad price. Colin is right though that the EVH's have cooled off but they still seem to be holding their value in the $2k and $3k range depending on the colour and condition.
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    I really like my EVH and don't consider it to be a "one trick pony." The ASS is more versatile because of it's noiseless coil splitting feature. If you can live without a Floyd, the ASS is the way to go.

    I wouldn't trade my EVH for an Axis but I am the original owner and bought it for $1.4k in '93. Sometimes I think I should sell it, buy and Axis and do something else with the left over money. But it may be the only collectible guitar I ever have the opportunity to own so that keeps me hangin' on. It really has seemed to get sweeter with age too.

    Play the EVH and then play the new Axis. I believe you'll feel a difference. You may hear a difference too based on the age difference of the pickups and wood.

    Neither is a mistake. It's hard to remove the collectibility factor from the EVH. If you're going to gig it hard, the Axis would no doubt be your most prudent investment.

    Good luck.

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