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Thread: Guys, need all your positive thoughts!!!!!!!!

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    Guys, need all your positive thoughts!!!!!!!!

    Yesterday the doctors told us that Tom had 48 hours to live, unless a liver came within the next day, pretty awful day for us. We spent the whole day crying and trying to imagine our immediate future, Christmas Day etc. Heatbreaking stuff for us, the worst ever sinking feeling.

    Right at the end of the day the transplant surgeon comes in casually to tell us that a donor has been found, and surgery will happen tomorrow- We were shocked!!!! Out of nowhere! Just when we thought it was all over, we get another chance. Tom has been going so bad the last 10 days, on 100% life support, his whole body is a mess and is so upsetting to see, the surgery is scheduled to begin in 6 hours, and takes about 12 hours to do. We have been warned that his is a more complicated case, and a fair amount of risk is involved, more than usual, but hey it has to be done.

    FINGERS CROSSED PEOPLE! You all have done such great work, i can feel it. So much support, i'm going to bring in to the hospital the special AL you all signed, good vibes all the way!!!!

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    Fingers crossed from this side of the planet Rob.
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    rob im gonna send the little guy tons of light and pray to my g-d for him, send the little guy good thoughts and light and positive afirmations, im telling you it works! see the surgery a success before he even goes in! - good luck -

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    Rob, you're all in my thoughts and prayers, believing for a successful operation and outcome for Tom. Hang in there.

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    I can't begin to understand how you feel.... my very best wishes to yourself, Belinda and little Tom.....
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    it's meant to be.
    i can't wait to meet this tough little fighter !!!!
    amazing !!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by robelinda2 View Post
    Right at the end of the day the transplant surgeon comes in casually to tell us that a donor has been found, and surgery will happen tomorrow- We were shocked!!!! Out of nowhere! Just when we thought it was all over, we get another chance.
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    Wishing You, Your wife, and son all the best. Positive thoughts and prayers headed your way.
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    God Bless little girl will include Tom in her prayers tonight at bedtime.
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    Thought are with you Rob at this testing time, lets hope you get the greatest christmas present of Tom

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    Rob, thats great news that there's a donor. I hope everything goes well for you and your family. I'll be praying for you and your family and I'm sure everyone else here is as well. Merry Christmas to you, your wife, and little Tom.

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    Rob, my prayers are with you, Belinda, and, of course, young Tom. Glad to hear that there is available liver. We're all pulling for your family.
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    Postive vibes all the way for the little guy Rob.

    All our hopes are with you.
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    Very happy to hear that they found a donor. Sending good vibes your way!!!!!
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    Hope he makes it out OK. I'm praying for you guys.
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    Rob, the fingbeagle house is sending prayers and good vibes, this includes the beagle.

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