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Thread: Update on my little Tom - MIRACLE DAY!!!!!

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    Update on my little Tom - MIRACLE DAY!!!!!

    Whatever you guys all over the world conjured up it sure worked!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here is the story. We got a follow up call in the middle of the night saying the transplant would take place at 7am, but when we got there they said there was a delay, and it would be later, no explanation. Then we were told the liver they were going to use is now being used on someone else, and instead we were getting a BETTER one that just became available, the previous one was coming from an adult and would have to be cut down for Tom, but the new one came from a 2 year old, which is sad, but it meant MUCH easier operation, the new liver coming from a child would slot right in, which is exactly what happened. The operation took 11 hours, and we got updates every 2 hours from the transplant co-ordinator, every time we got the phone call with the update it was good news every time, the whole thing happened with no complications at all, smooth sailing all the way!!!!!! Just amazing, we are both stunned actually, the despair of previous days had totally drained us emotionally. We spent the day going for a long walk - didnt want to drive in case we had an accident!!!! Went for a nice lunch, which was uneasy obviously, hard to enjoy lunch when you know your boy's life is in the balance, but you gotta eat. We bought some books and sat in the waiting room for the remaining 7 hours, but it went by pretty easily i gotta say, we werent stressed about it, and we kept saying how both us just had a positive feeling that it would be totally fine, even though we knew the risks. What were the odds of two livers coming and being able to choose between them!?!??!!? Must have been all you guys putting in the extra work!!!!

    Now we have a tough few weeks waiting to see if his body accepts the liver, but the surgeons were very optimistic, they said it looks very good indeed already. I just know Tom is meant to be my special guy, he is a wonder and is so brave and tough, he is the best. I'm so tired, its almost 1am here and ive been up since 2am yesterday, i have to sleep, will update in this thread later, sorry to start yet another thread

    Thanks to all, we love everyone here!

    Rob and Belinda
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    Thumbs up


    Merry Christmas Tom!!

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    That sounds like a x-mas miracle as well .... great news !!!! thanks for update !
    GOOD NIGHT Rob !

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    Awesome Rob! I'm extremely happy for you three!!

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    That is awesome news,I'm truly touched and inspired by your boy's appetite for the fight,he was born to play balls! amazing!
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    Sounds good so far - will keep the good vibes coming and will say a word at the festive table on Christmas day.
    I hope that this Christmas starts a new stage of Tom's life.
    Now go get him a cricket bat to thrash the POMS ha!
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    DOnt apologize about starting new threads...looks like Tom has a new thread!
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    Great News!

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    Great to hear Rob, good things happen to good people, nice Christmas gift one that counts

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    Wow, you made my eyes leak a little!

    Merry Christmas to you guys, and we'll keep up the good thoughts and prayers!

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    wow i feel so happy for you congratulations!
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    YAY! That is incredible news!!
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    GREAT NEWS!!! We'll be sure to continue to keep your family in our prayers...

    Play Ball!!

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    Fantastic news Rob, what a great gift to little Tom, Belinda and yourself. I felt choked reading your post to my Wife. All the best to you guys, I'm sure it will make your Christmas really special. Here's hoping for positive things for you all in the New Year, we will raise a glass to you.

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    EXCELLENT news Rob! Congrats, and please do keep us posted. We're still all wishing your family our best!

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