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Thread: Prefer the look of a bare wood headstock?

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    Prefer the look of a bare wood headstock?

    Am I the only one? Somehow the look of just a bare headstock has always been more appealing to me than the painted ones.
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    For me it depends on what color paint is on the guitar...I have both, but I tend prefer matching...especially on my Dargie.
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    I use to be matching only but now I'm starting to dig natural/non matching

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    Yeah, I was a "natural/bare headstock only!

    However, with "certain" body style and paint, I actually prefer black or matching (like on my MM Tabacco Burst Axis!!)

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    especially on an AL, with nice birdseye, the natural head looks great, but in general i guess i'm a fan of natural.
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    natural is the only way to go...unless painted is the only way to goi would have killed for a white jp6 with inlays and piezo. turns out at the time i bought mine there was only one white jp6 in california and it was "loaded" so i could either spend all my money to have a guitar immediately or wait and probably spend more money for less(because its ordered i cant be the poor college student lowballer that i am). not to mention the wait.
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    I only like natural headstocks with a maple neck. The light coloured headstock next to a dark rosewood neck doesn't look as good personally.

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    purely on an aesthetic level, matching tops and headstocks look better. i think there is this form over function thing for me that makes the natural cooler and percieved as better. its less of an art piece and more of a tool for making art. music man doesnt make classically good looking guitars (read not gibson or fender) but i do always associate them with the highest quality and class regardless of headstock
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    Natural for me - I have 2 AL's one natural the other matching.
    Au naturelle any day baby!!
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    On Jps Matching, Silo(and specs) and Al's Non matching, Lukes, normally non although the 07 Blue Dawn with matching is amazing looking! axis, depends.

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    Depends on the colour, fretboard wood and model for me. I'm not so keen on matching headstocks with solid colours.

    There are no rules, just what looks good to you!

    Both my Lukes have natural headstocks as I prefer them that way with their particular body colours.

    My Axis is matching, as is my Dargie Petrruci. I think I liked them that way because you can still see the wood grain on the Axis, and the Pet is sparkly in the right light.

    So I'm 2-2 on my guitars so far
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    I like a matching hs if the body has a trans finish. With solid finishes, I prefer a natural hs.
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    Natty headstocks all the way!!!!

    Though with guitars like the EVH, Axis, Petrucci & Bongo, they almost require matching to look right. I think that's because the guitars are very original and don't look like your typical strats and such of which most of us are acustomed to seeing natural.
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    Unless there's no choice, i.e. my BFR Luke and LE Silo Spec, it's always a natural headstock for me, and a rosewood fretboard...
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    its a win/win. the buttercream with the wine colored logos is striking. dare I say it looks like a fancy cake.
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