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Thread: Anyone modified his JP (or EBMM)?

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    Anyone modified his JP (or EBMM)?

    Has anyone of you modded his JP or MusicMan guitar?

    Iīm thinking about putting chrome knobs and chrome tuner buttons on my JP6 . . . but I need further inspiration

    So show me some pics!
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    I changed the pups in my old JP. Keep in mind, it is YOUR guitar, do with it as you see fit.
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    Darren changed the knobs on his Lava Pearl JP7 to chrome. It looks niiiiiiiiice. I wanna do it, too, but I just like the shape of the stockers.
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    Here's a link from Darren's sig that has pix of it.
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    Yeah, Darrenīs is looking pretty cool.
    Heīs the one who started my urge to mod my JP.

    Canīt believe Darren is the only one who has modded his JP
    (except for Norrinīs Swirl-thing )
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    On my JP:

    I changed the nut to standard spacing;
    Drilled the body out and installed flush mount Dunlop Straplocks
    Installed roller saddles at the bridge
    disconnected the tone control

    On my BFR LUKE:

    Zero changes

    20th Silo:

    Put in a coil splitting tone pot and switched the bridge pup to a Dimarzio Breed, and put the chrome cover from the original pup on it. Cosmetically no change at all.

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    on my Luke I put slightly larger stainless steel frets.... wonderful guitar..
    2005 candy red Luke

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    I like the low profile frets o the LUKE, makes it easy to slide to chords and notes

    20th Silo, w/trem, Koa top
    JP6 in Graphite Pearl

    Cobalts Installed

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    I replaced the tone and volume knob on my Axis Supersport to chrome...

    They were (are) the only thing I don't like about it.

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