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    jp6 clip

    I know the canon rock has been done by all... I just happen to come from the same country as the arranger, thought i give it a shot.

    [nomedia="http://youtube.com/watch?v=EJ7DB1hSXUE"]YouTube - Canon Rock arr. JerryC first half[/nomedia]

    EBMM JP-6 ---->
    Mesa Boogie Dual Rec. 3 channel (orange channel) ---->
    Avatar cab---->
    Sennheisser C1000 and Sennheisser C3000 --->
    M-audio Firewire 410 --->

    you might notice some extra bass (hopefully its just my cheap computer speakers)... there has been NO boost at all in the EQ. eq on the amp is set bass 11 o'clock, mid 10 o'clock, treble 2 o'clock. all EQ everywhere else FLAT/Unity gain.
    jp6 - fully UNLOADED
    a jackson
    a no name flamenco circa 1960 (please PM me if you are familiar with MIM guitars from that era)

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    So you only did the first half? Well, I gotta say..........not half bad :-P!

    Really good. I enjoyed watching that!
    Carlsberg don't make guitars. But if they did they would probably...........not be as good as a musicman!!

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    Good stuff! Nice gear.

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