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View Poll Results: What string gauge on your Petrucci guitar??

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  • 9-42

    10 31.25%
  • 9-46

    6 18.75%
  • 10-46

    14 43.75%
  • 10-52

    1 3.13%
  • other (mention it)

    1 3.13%
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Thread: Which string gauge on your EBMM JP

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    Which string gauge on your EBMM JP

    Hi everybody!!

    I just finished to change strings on my new JP BFR. It came (as most guitars) with 9-42 and I'm really used to heavier bottom strings.
    So like on all my other guitars I put 9-46 on it (Hybrid slinkys)

    What do you prefer on your guitar, mainly to play metal (as I know for other type of music it cam vary)??

    Another question: I noticed that on Hybrid strings (9-46), the difference of tension between the 3 top ones and the 3 bottom one is quite big... (I say that in the back of D'addario strings, where you have the tension of all string at pitch)
    Can it cause some damage to your neck over the long term? I've always used this string gauge but bow I don't know. Some people say that the tension must me constant between all 6 strings.....
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    RPS-Hybrid Slinky Nickel Wound .009 - .046
    Musicman Limited Edition Neptune blue John Petrucci 6string - tremolo w/piezo
    Musicman Steve Morse

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    Yep! Hybrids all the way...

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    Used to be hybrids. Now I'm a 10-56 man. (7 String)
    JP7 in Egyptian Smoke, Piezo, DOB 10/4/06.

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    9-42.. but im going to try out hybrids soon.
    EBMM JP6 MYSTIC DREAM LOADED! My #1 (Born: January 23 2008)
    Mesa Boogie Mark V combo (selling to fund Axe-FX setup )
    Vox Tonelab SE multi effects

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    Quote Originally Posted by marduke View Post
    9-42.. but im going to try out hybrids soon.
    You won't go back!

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    But you will go up!
    JP7 in Egyptian Smoke, Piezo, DOB 10/4/06.

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    I love the 10-46, I use it on all my guitars except my 20th Silo which is tuned to D and it has 11-48.
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    Umm, 9-42s on my JP6, and 10-59 (yes, I said 59) on my JP7. It's a regular slinky set mixed with a loner bottom (random) string. I need 9s for it though, because that's what it was orignally set up with and I have it tuned to A at the moment so as not to kill the bridge.
    2003 Petrucci 7 - White
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    2006 Petrucci 6 - Desert Gold
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    2014 JP13 6 - Cardinal Red Sparkle

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    RPS 10-46. Consider myself still on a trial period away from D'Addario strings, which I used religiously for about 10 years. I have never liked playing 9s on any guitar!
    JP Dargie Delight Too G39071 born 9.25.09
    JP10 G49552 born on youtube? 3.24.10

    My dream EBMM: a Dargie JPX with unfinished RW neck, oversized martini inlays, and Gamechanger

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    10-46 on my JP6, 10-56 on my JP7
    Mystic Dream BFR JP6 rosewood neck Tremel-No'd and LiquiCrunch'd
    Bogner Duende 1x12/Axe-FX Standard/Mesa Recto 2x12
    Liquid Foot Jr
    Creepy Fingers Rising Fuzz

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    9-42 on Luke
    10-46 on JP.

    The 9-46 setup has me thinking I may give it a try on both!!!
    Luke III BFR Tume
    Luke III BFR Hazel burst quilt

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    Hybrid Slinky's - 9-46

    I like the bendability of the 9's and the tension of the 46's for dropped tunings.
    Play Ball!!

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    I use Regular Slinkies on every guitar with this neck scale.
    PRB JP6
    DOB: 11/14/07

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    i mixed and matched. i suppose i could vote for the hybrid, but i didnt see it....

    E, B and G are from 9RPS

    E, A and D are from 10 Rps
    jp6 - fully UNLOADED
    a jackson
    a no name flamenco circa 1960 (please PM me if you are familiar with MIM guitars from that era)

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