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    2008 Product Information

    Limited Edition 2008

    1) The color is named Sequoia Gold. It will come with a matte 5 ply black and gold pg, 2008 LE inlay at the 12th fret, and will come with a special G&G case. The exterior is lizard back and the interior is golden.

    2) It will be avaible on all models except the y2d. Piezo is only available on the Petrucci model.

    3) Matching and non-matching headstocks are available.

    4) You may order it with normal production fretboard options. For example the Petrucci is only available in rosewood...AL in maple.

    Albert Lee BFR

    1) This lovely piece will be available in Pinkburst only.

    2) The body will feature an ash body, mahogany tone block, and figured maple top. The neck will be maple.

    3) The only options available will be bridge options: hardtail, tremolo, and piezo.

    BFR John Petrucci 6 string baritone

    1) This model features an alder body, mahogany tone block, figured maple top, mahogany neck, and rosewood fingerboard.

    2) The scale length is 27.5, and comes with a slightly larger body.

    BFR News

    1) All BFR guitars will now have the option of being ordered with a flame or quilt top.

    2) Three new color option for the JP and Luke models are: Tobacco Burst, Emerald Burst, and Purple burst.

    We will edit this in the next few days with specs and pictures as we get them. Feel free to start a questions thread as this one will be locked. Hope you guys enjoy the new stuff!

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    "Scott Moreno"

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    "Scott Moreno"

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    "Scott Moreno"

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